3/22 WWE house show results from Atlantic City, NJ

Mar 23, 2014 - by Steve Gerweck

Credit: Michelle P. & PWInsider

Finally home from WWE AC. Here is a quick recap:

1) Big E defeated Kofi Kingston and Cesaro in a Triple Threat match. Great way to kick off what is to be amazing show!!

2) Sin Cara defeated Heath Slater. As much as I can’t stand the Sin Cara gimmick, this was another great match!! Heath really made Sin Cara look strong!

3) Naomi defeated AJ Lee in a non-title Divas match (this was ordered by Vicki Guerrero). Despite being off, Naomi didn’t miss a beat. I just wish Nattie was in this match too. It would have been epic to see the three best divas compete for the title live!

4) Great Khali defeated Brodus Clay. This was originally suppose to be a dance off and they tried to make Brodus dance to Ravishing Rick Rude’s old music. Brodus attacked Khali after Khali was announced as winner. Squash match, didn’t pay attention.

5) Big Show defeated Christian in the comedy match of the night. Big Show is so entertaining and I love watching him compete!

6) Los Matadores defeated Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal. After the poor showing 3MB had on Superstars this past week, this match was a redemption for both Drew and Jinder!! Very entertaining especially when Fernando took Drew’s jacket and used it as a cape. There was even a spot where El Torito fought 3MB and it is funny to see the little bull move around the ring!

7) The Shield defeated The Wyatts in what was in my opinion the match of the night!! I cannot believe how over The Shield is now that they made their face-turn. Epic, highly competitive match!! More shocking of all was seeing The Shield slap hands with fans around ringside! For those of you who remember a certain member of The Shield in CZW, did you ever think you would see the day that Dean Ambrose was a babyface?!?!? Well it has happened!!

8) Daniel Bryan defeated Kane in a steel cage match!! Bryan is so over with the fans!! He won by pinfall with the running knees!! I still missed masked Kane!

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