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Mar 22, 2014 - by staff

carlos colon

World Wrestling Entertainment has announced it’s newest inductee joining the 2014 WWE Hall Of Fame Class will be legendary Puerto Rican promoter, main event performer and trainer Carlos Colon Sr.. The 65-year-old Santa Isabel Puerto Rico native will celebrate 50-years involved in the professional wrestling industry next year. After emigrating with his family to Brooklyn New York in 1961, Colon’s favorite childhood wrestlers Antonio Rocca and Miguel Perez inspired him to get into the business debuting in 1965 after having been trained by Barba Roja. He started his career working for promotions in the eastern United States and Canada and from 1968-1969 worked for the World Wide Wrestling Federation. In 1973 he moved back to his home state of Puerto Rico and the following year alongside fellow wrestler Victor Jovica founded and became the promoter and star of Capital Sports Promotions which became known as the World Wrestling Council.

Carlos Colon was his company’s biggest star and the promotion became known as the place where a nearly 2-decade feud between himself and wrestler Abdullah the Butcher took place. The duo became known for their brutal bloody battles which are responsible for nearly all the 70-plus scars that appear on Colon’s skin damaged forehead. World Wrestling Council became known for their regular Saturday and Sunday shows which aired on WAPA-TV in Puerto Rico but are not featured in the numbers listed below. Colon’s in-ring success competing for the WWC saw him win multiple championships including being a former 26-Time WWC Universal Champion, 3-Time WWC Tag-Team Champion and a 9-Time WWC Puerto Rican Champion. His in-ring career with the WWC lasted 34-years from 1974 until he stopped competing regularly in 2008. Colon has returned to competing occasionally for his promotion over the last 2-years.

Carlos Colon also toured twice with All Japan Pro Wrestling both in 1979 and again returned in 1987. He was a semi-regular wrestler with NWA: Jim Crockett Promotions from 1983-1985 and early in his run with the promotion defeated Ric Flair in a Unification Match to win the NWA Championship, but the title change wasn’t recognized by the National Wrestling Alliance. He competed in the WWE again in 1993 being a participant in the year’s Royal Rumble Match and since coming out of retirement has worked for Pro Wrestling Superstars. Colon has passed on his knowledge through training of numerous family members who include his son’s Carlito and current WWE performer Fernando, his daughter Stacy Colon and his nephew current WWE wrestler Diego. Carlos Colon Sr. joins previously announced 2014 WWE Hall Of Fame inductees The Ultimate Warrior, Jake Roberts, Lita and Paul Bearer in this year’s class.

Below we look at the televised professional wrestling career of Carlos Colon by the numbers…

World Wrestling Council:

* 2 Matches on WWC Pay-Per-View.

* 2 Main Event Matches on WWC Pay-Per-View.

World Wrestling Entertainment:

* 1 Match on WWE Pay-Per-View.

* 1 Main Event Match on WWE Pay-Per-View.

NWA Jim Crockett Promotions:

* 1 Match on JCP Pay-Per-View.

All Japan Pro Wrestling:

* 3 Matches on AJPW Black Power Series.

* 1 Main Event Match on AJPW Black Power Series.

* 3 Matches on AJPW Champions Carnival.

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