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TNA X-Division title match headline Wrestle-1 results

WRESTLE-1 “WRESTLE-1 TOUR 2014 After OUTBREAK”, 3/22/2014 [Sat] 18:30 @ Korakuen Hall in Tokyo
1,200 Spectators

(1) Ryota Hama & Andy Wu vs. NOSAWA Rongai & MAZADA [both Tokyo Gurentai]
◆Winner: Hama (6:18) with the Hamaketsu on NOSAWA.

(2) Koji Kanemoto vs. KAZMA SAKAMOTO [Free]
◆Winner: Kanemoto (10:54) with an Ankle Hold.

(3) Hiroshi Yamato & Daiki Inaba vs. Yoshihiro Takayama [Free] & Rob Terry
◆Winner: Terry (12:31) with an Avalanche Hold (Oklahoma Stampede) on Yamato.
~ Though in victory, Takayama and Terry got into an argument after the match and began a brawl. The two were separated, but I expect a singles encounter between the two sooner than later.

(4) Minoru Tanaka vs. Danshoku Dino [DDT]
◆Winner: Minoru (8:54) via foul, “sexual harassment”.
~ Minoru announced that he will be facing HUB on 4/17 at the Korakuen Hall.

(5) Yasufumi Nakanoueno vs. Yuji Hino [K-DOJO]
◆Winner: Hino (8:47) following the Fucking BOMB.

(6) Masakatsu Funaki vs. Gabai Jichan [Free]
◆Winner: Funaki (2:27) following a Right High Kick

~ Kazushi Miyamoto came out to challenge Funaki.
(7) Masakatsu Funaki vs. “the Japanese Million Dollar Man” Kazushi Miyamoto [Free]
◆Winner: Funaki (3:27) following the Hybrid Blaster.
~ Miyamoto stated that he must rethink his million dollar belt bounty.

(8) Kaz Hayashi, Shuji Kondo & Manabu Soya [Free] vs. Masayuki Kono, Rene Dupree & … KAI
◆Winner: KAI (13:41) following a chair attack on Soya from Kono which led to KAI hitting the LAT.
~ The self-proclaimed ace gets a win over the man who has be shunning him at every turn.
~ Though it looked like KAI was joining DESPERADO, he denied joining the group.

(9) TNA X-DIVISION Championship Match: [Champion] Seiya Sanada vs. [Challenger] Seiki Yoshioka
◆Winner: Sanada (14:23) with a Rounding Body Press.
~ Sanada claims the victory and defense with the TNA belt. Yoshioka definitely showed signs of a future champion in his own right, but today was not his time.
~ Sanada & Yoshioka shook hands after the match.
~ The next W-1 show will be on March 30th at the Hasuda City General Public Gymnasium in Saitama.

credit: Keeping the Spirit Alive

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