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Mar 21, 2014 - by staff


by Jimmie Daniel

This is a recap of OVW TV Episode 761 that will be aired in Louisville on 3/22 and is available online at http://www.ovwrestling.com/tv/761

This week, we begin with clips from last week’s show where Mohamed Ali Vaez and Michael (not PS) Hayes are being interviewed by “Anchorman” Gilbert Corsey at ringside when OUR OVW Tag Team Champions Dylan Bostic & “Mexicutioner” Roberto DeLuna run out and attack them. Also shown is Bostic trying to remove Vaez’ beard until Adam Revolver runs out with a chair to chase the champs away.

After the show opening, we see Gilbert at the announce table along with the remainder of OUR OVW Announce Team (Dean Hill and Michael Titus) along with OUR OVW Ring announcer Shannon the Dude. In this show we will again hear from Hayes and Vaez plus the situation with the Marauders will be addressed. It is again emphasized that April’s Saturday Night Special will be held on Sunday 4/6 at 5PM ET due to a schedule conflict. It is also again emphasized that SNS will be done in time for fans to grab a burger before watching Wrestlemania, which we are again told features a veritable cornucopia of former OVW superstars. We will be reminded of this several times during the show.

Match #1: Fabiano Rolento vs “Diamond Steel” Ryan Howe
Howe brings out the Flying V and plays a familiar tune but I can’t recall the name. We have the new ref that debuted a couple of weeks ago in charge here. Titus says that OUR OVW Champion Marcus Anthony will be able to counteract Howe’s “Whammy Bar” submission hold in their match at “Sunday” Night Special. Rolento gets a firemans carry takedown and goes “OLE!”. Howe goes after the arm and nearly applies the “Whammy Bar” but Rolento slips away. Howe gets 2 on a flip rollup that Dean can’t recall the name of (and neither can I). Howe whips Rolento across but misses a splash, hitting his arm on the turnbuckle. Rolento targets this arm for a bit until he tries to drop a knee on it and Howe rolls away. Howe takes Rolento’s arm and bangs it into the corners before giving him an armbreaker. Howe runs into a Rolento boot but it doesn’t slow him down because he pulls Rolento into a firemans carry takeover and applies the “Whammy Bar”, which forces Rolento to tap out.

Gilbert is at ringside and he brings out Vaez and Hayes. Vaez has shaved off his beard as Gilbert asks him what condition his condition is in, Vaez says Bostic and DeLuna tried to take them out of the fight and succeeded in doing so with Hayes but they could only beat him down and shave his beard against his will. Vaez says he and Hayes aren’t worried about the tag titles as at SNS, they will be coming for a fight! Hayes says it’s going to be a war and he and Vaez know all about war, adding that they are coming for Bostic’s and DeLuna’s souls! Gilbert says the champs have seemed to be one step ahead of them but Vaez replies that he and Hayes are on to all their tricks. Vaez adds that he and Hayes have a match with the Marauders tonight and they will pretend that they are Bostic and DeLuna (as apparently the champs have been barred from the building tonight). Adam Revolver comes out to note that there are more than two Marauders, so he offers to be in their corner. Vaez and Hayes debate this and Hayes is not keen on this, so Vaez thanks Revolver for his offer but says now is not the right time.

Body Guy comes out holding his dress and takes the mic. He has something to ad”dress” right now and calls out OUR OVW Director of Operations Trailer Park Trash, saying he’s not putting on a dress ever again! TPT comes out and Body Guy reiterates that he’s not wearing a dress any more, even as fans chant “Put it on”. TPT reminds us that Body Guy set his own stipulations for this match and it’s not TPT’s fault that he can’t win a match, so TPT issues the edict “you set it, you wear it”. TPT turns to leave and Body Guy whacks him in the back of the head as the dress was wrapped around a hubcap! Body Guy drapes the dress over the fallen TPT and puts some lipstick on him.

Match #2: Bobby Black vs OUR OVW TV Champion Mr. Marvelous Melvin Maximus
Joe Wheeler is OUR OVW Official for this match as Gilbert informs us that Black has escaped from a sanitarium! The much smaller Black slaps Melvin upside the head but gets shoved into the ropes and powerslammed. Melvin pulls Black into the deadly bearhug and that’s all folks!

Match #3: “The Teflon Don from Boca Raton” Eddie Diamond vs OUR OVW Champion “Strongest Gamer Alive” Marcus Anthony (w/”Career Killer” Timmy Danger)
Dean points out that ditching Danger was the best thing to happen to Diamond (although I do miss “The Mix Tape”) then the discussion turns to what kind of underwear we may see on Danger at SNS after Jamin Olivencia strips him down in their street fight. Dean thinks Danger will be wearing Power Rangers or Hello Kitty! Josh Ashcraft is OUR OVW Official for this match. Anthony just tosses Diamond over his shoulder and snapmares him but misses on a gamma punch. Diamond ducks a splash and grabs Anthony’s arm but just get swatted away. Anthony throws elbows and running knees, in which his momentum carries him over the top rope although he lands on his feet and immediately jumps back into the ring. Diamond gets in a bit of offense before Anthony gives him a belly to belly suplex but misses an elbow drop. Diamond grabs a crossface and adds an armscissors to it but Anthony just rises up and throws him off. Anthony locks in the full nelson/Crimson Omen for the submission.
Gilbert goes to ringside because Danger has something important to say. Danger says he has been under a lot of stress lately as Anthony roars in Gilbert’s ear. Danger suggest that Howe find a new instrument to play since after Anthony gets through with him, he will have two broken arms and a broken neck! Gilbert then asks Danger about his match with Jamin Olivencia. Danger mentions his mother’s lawyers but gets cut off by Jamin, who has come out through the curtain. Jamin says that for the last year, Danger has been paying people to protect him and at SNS nobody will be protecting him as a “Jamin’s gonna kill you” chant breaks out. Jamin acknowledges that he can beat up Danger but to win, he has to strip Danger down to his tighty whiteys (someone hollers “Make sure their clean” lol). Jamin asks Danger if the last year will be worth it when there is an arena full of people laughing at him?

TPT comes back out to tell us that he is the last person that Body Guy wants to hit from behind. TPT challenges Body Guy for “tonight” (actually the 3/22 OVW Live Event) in Austin, Indiana!

Match #4: Leon Shelly vs Aaron Sky
Looks like we have another new ref for this match. Leapfrogging to start then Sky dropkicks Shelly into the ropes then Shelly backdrops Sky to the apron as Gilbert says these are 2 up-and-comers looking for a signature win. Shelly slingshots Sky back in but misses a splash and takes a hiptoss. Gilbert says that Sky doesn’t flop when he flies. Sky dropkicks and slams Shelly then hits a slingshot frog splash for the pin.

Gilbert is at ringside with “Triple R Superstar” Randy Royal and again inquires about Royal’s recent actions. Royal says his answer is to keep his lips tight because he don’t have to answer any questions. He starts to rough up Gilbert but Lei’d Tapa runs out to confront him, saying he messed with the wrong woman and challenges him to step into her ring, her island. OUR OVW Ladies Champion Jessie Belle sneaks up on Tapa and whacks her in the knee with a pipe! Dean laments Jessie turning to the dark side.

It’s time for the “Good Word” as “Pastor of Disaster” Rev. Stuart Miles and altar boy “Cameron” come to the ring. Miles says tonight’s word is “Truth” (not Ron Killings) because the truth is that OVW fans are all completely ignorant. Miles says he tried to make things as simple as he could but some people will be sorry because they didn’t listen. He goes on to say that the truth is that all of us will be consumed by fire, just as Paredyse was. Miles says the cleansing is coming and is already here, ending with “Peace be with you”.

Match #5: Tony Gunn & Shiloh Jonze (w/fellow Marauders Nick Dumeyer, Raul Lamotta, & Clint Poe) vs Michael (not PS) Hayes & Mohamed Ali Vaez
OUR OVW Senior Official Chris Sharpe is in charge here and already has his hands full as Dumeyer climbs on the apron so that Poe can pop in to punch Hayes and pop right back out. Jonze hits Hayes with a leg lariat and sends him to the floor, where the other 3 Marauders surround him. Revolver runs out with a ball bat and chases the trio away. Hayes rolls back in only to be attacked by Jonze and Gunn, who drag him to the wrong corner for some beatings. Hayes fights toward a tag but Jonze plants him into the mat and grabs a headlock. Hayes fights up and gets to his feet to reach for a tag but Lamotta yanks Vaez off the apron. Vaez makes it back up and gets the tag as Gunn tags in as well. Vaez suplexes Gunn twice then rolls out and slugs Jonze. Vaez DDTs Gunn for 2 but pulls away as he sees Jonze diving in and Gunn gets squashed by his fellow Marauder. Vaez and Hayes give out a double backdrop but then Gunn whips Hayes into a Jonze knee. The Marauder duo set up for a double backdrop but Hayes fights them off before Vaez comes back in. Jonze scrambles away from Vaez, blind tagging Gunn on the way through the ropes. Gunn is taken aback by this and hesitates before getting slingshotted into the ring. Hayes gives Gunn a jaw jacker followed by Vaez giving him a neckbreaker and Hayes covers Gunn for the pin.
Revolver and Vaez shake hands. Revolver extends a hand to Hayes, who brushes it off.

Jonze comes to the ring with the other 3 Marauders to join Gunn as we go to break.

In the ring, Jonze demands that Gunn show his obedience by getting down on his knees. Gunn reluctantly gets down on one knee then the other. Jonze then tells him to prove that he really is a Marauder and lick Jonze’s boots. Gunn goes down but pauses before he gets to the boot then jumps up and slugs Jonze! Gunn fights off the others until Jonze attacks him from behind. The others surround Gunn as Jonze gives him the mandible claw! The refs come out en masse to stop this as the show goes off.

THOUGHTS: Wonder why we haven’t heard anything from Howe on his upcoming title shot? Body Guy got out of wearing a dress on a live event last weekend in Morehead, KY by allowing the board of directors to choose his opponent (it was Maximus and he lost). No mention of the possibility of Danger wearing a thong, probably because the fans would riot:) Miles’s segment was just kind of there this week. Will Jonze hire Royal to take out Gunn? Will Hayes’ apprehension over Revolver’s help be expounded upon in the coming weeks? Will there be enough time after SNS to maybe order a steak instead of grabbing a burger before Wrestlemania comes on? Looks like Body Guy is headed down a slippery slope by attacking TPT. Overall, this show had its moments so I will give this a slight upper thumbs in the middle.

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