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Mar 14, 2014 - by staff

by Jimmie Daniel

This is a recap of OVW TV Episode 760 that will be aired in Louisville on 3/15 and is available online at http://www.ovwrestling.com/tv/760

This week, we begin with clips from last week’s show where Jamin Olivencia is yelling at Timmy Danger and OUR OVW Champion Marcus Anthony over the shenanigans were pulled in their title match at the 3/1 Saturday Night Special. Clips of the alleged actions are interspersed here before Jamin announces that OUR OVW Owner “Nightmare” Danny Davis has seen these and will be be on next week’s TV for a special announcement.

After the show opening, “Quadruple Emmy Winner” Gilbert Corsey is the ring and brings out Davis for his announcement. Gilbert tells him that Jamin wants justice for the controversial ending at SNS. Davis first calls out Danger and Anthony, then Jamin, and positions them in the ring as he warns them about physical contact. Davis says two days ago he met with OUR OVW Official Josh Ashcraft and was shown a note given to him about interference at SNS, before Ashcraft came out during the match and asked OVW Senior Official “Package” Chris Sharpe to leave the ring due to an “emergency” (which according to Sharpe there was no emergency). Davis asks Danger if he gave Ashcraft that note and Danger denies this. Davis tells Danger if he finds out differently, he will fire Danger because he just lied to Davis!
Davis turns to Jamin and admits that he does agree with Danger in that Jamin does not deserve yet another number one contender’s match for the title. Tonight, Dais says he will make such a match with Ryan Howe taking on a former two-time OVW Champion! That makes Danger happy but Jamin is obviously not. Davis says he will give Jamin a match at “Sunday” Night Special on 4/6-a street fight against Danger!! (Well, Danger DID want to be wrestler a while back) Davis says he will level the playing field a bit because in the real world, Jamin could knock out Danger with one punch. Davis makes the stipulation that Danger can pin, knock out, etc. Jamin, and with a win, Jamin can never get a title shot again. Davis then adds that Jamin can be declared the winner by simply stripping Danger down to his underwear! Jamin is OK with this and shakes Davis’ hand.

We then join Gilbert at the announce table along with the remainder of OUR OVW Announce Team (Dean Hill and Michael Titus) along with OUR OVW Ring announcer Shannon the Dude. Gilbert says he likes it when Davis comes by. It is again emphasized that April’s Saturday Night Special will be held on Sunday 4/6 at 5PM ET due to a schedule conflict. It is also emphasized that SNS will be done in time for fans to grab a burger before watching Wrestlemania, which we are told features a boatload for former OVW superstars. We are reminded of this several times during the show.

Match #1: Shiloh Jonze (w/Raul Lamotta, Nick Dumeyer, & Tony Gunn) vs Leon Shelly
Ashcraft is the ref here as Jonze sends his fellow Marauders to ringside and berates Gunn as he leaves the ring. Jonze attacks and pounds away on Shelly, chopping him and choking him in the ropes, only stopping to snap at Gunn some more. Jonze hits a belly to back suplex and pulls Shelly up by his head. Jonze goes for the mandible claw but Shelly manages to fight him off briefly before Jonze applies the hold and Shelly submits.
Jonze celebrates by keeping the hold on Shelly for a bit longer before the other Marauders enter the ring. Jonze takes the mic and wanted to make sure Gunn was watching, adding that it takes a certain level of intensity and obedience to be a Marauder! Jonze taps Gunn on the head and commands him to get down on his knees. Gunn hesitates and Jonze pushes him down to one knee then has to push him again to get him down on the other knee. After threatening to make Gunn kiss his boot, Jonze says that he is a man of redemption and will give Gunn a chance later on to redeem himself. Jonze says Gunn will not fail him!

Dean plugs the various OVW live events before Gilbert notes that during a break from this particular TV taping, they will have 2 fans getting married in the ring! As we go to the next match, it slips that Gilbert himself will be getting married in September (just a hunch it won’t be in the ring).

Match #2: “Primetime” Robbie Walker vs OUR OVW TV Champion Mr. Marvelous Melvin Maximus
Gilbert tells us that Walker earned this title shot with a victory at an OVW live event. Sharpe is the ref here as Melvin grabs a headlock until Walker stomps on his feet to get loose. Walker tries to block Melvin down but just can’t move him. Walker goes for a crossbody but Melvin catches him and applies the deadly bearhug and that’s all we got to say about that.

A clip from earlier tonight is shown where Gilbert is in the back as “Triple R Superstar” Randy Royal appears. Gilbert asks him if being a hired hit man and attacking women is really wants at this stage of his career. Royal says he needs the money then goes nuts and attacks the cameraman before going after Gilbert.

Gilbert is back at ringside and brings out Mohamed Ali Vaez and Michael (not PS) Hayes (who has shaved his beard). Gilbert mentions that they have not invoked their tag title rematch clause and Hayes has still not been cleared to wrestle. He asks Vaez if he has considered Adam Revolver’s offer from last week to replace Hayes for a rematch. Before Vaez can answer, OUR OVW Tag Team Champions Dylan Bostic and “Mexicutioner” Roberto DeLuna run out and attack! Vaez gets blindsided as the champs beat on Hayes in the corner and handcuff him to the middle rope. Vaez gets into the ring and fights back briefly before Bostic gives him a backcracker. The champs then grab Vaez and they give him a Super Backcracker. Bostic runs out to grab a chair and he whacks Vaez with it as DeLuna fetches some scissors and electric clippers. Hayes somehow gets free but DeLuna recuffs him. Bostic goes to work on Vaez’ beard and removes some of it before Revolver runs out with a chair to chase away the champs. Vaez is in a daze as Revolver and Sharpe tend to him while the other refs tend to Hayes.

It’s time for “The Good Word” with “Pastor of Disaster” Rev. Stuart Miles and “Cameron”. Today’s word is “pure” as Miles holds a picture of Paredyse in his hand. Miles says he is not just here to make sure OVW is clean but also to make sure it is pure. He says the cleansing process started when he eliminated the vile perverted sinner (referring to Paredyse) several months ago and now it’s time to eliminate any trace that he (Paredyse) ever existed. Miles says Paredyse was a superstar but now he is no better than the scum who fill the arena every week. Camera pulls back to reveal a fire burning in front of them as Miles drops the picture into the fire, which Miles calls “the flame of purification”.

Match #3: Tony Gunn (w/Jonze, Dumeyer, & Lamotta) vs “The Teflon Don from Boca Raton” Eddie Diamond
Jonze grabs Gunn by the head and yells at him before shoving him toward the ring. Jordan Barker is OUR OVW Official for this match. Gunn comes out swinging and whips Diamond back and forth across the ring. Gunn pulls Diamond down to the mat in a headlock throws some elbows and gets multiple covers but can’t get a three count. Diamond gets to his feet but Gunn just throws him back down and stomps him as Dean compares Jonze to Charles Manson and Jim Jones. Gunn whips Diamond to the corner and Diamond comes off with a crossbody that catches Gunn in the knees (yikes!). Diamond hits a bulldog and sets up for the Soulja Boy elbow but Gunn rolls away and begs off only to hit a double throat jab. Gunn hits a double underhook suplex for 2 then goes for another but Diamond reverses it and pulls him into a crossface, forcing Gunn to tap out.
Gunn is now 0-2 in “or else” matches as an angry Jonze comes to the ring. Jonze tells Gunn that again he failed and he’d better hope and pray that there will not be a strike three!

Match #4: The Body Guy vs Fabiano Rolento
Body Guy is in a short print dress this week. Rolento is out in a sombrero, which Body Guy probably wished he was wearing instead of a dress. Sharpe is the ref here as Rolento offers a handshake to Body Guy but is ignored. Armworking gets traded until Rolento puts his hands on Body Guy’s padded (??) chest and grabs a nipple lock (through the dress). Rolento pulls out toilet paper that was used to stuff the top of the dress! Body Guy clobbers Rolento then headbutts him and twists his head. Body Guy whiffs on a double elbow and Rolento gives him three atomic drops before pinning him and ensuring that he will wear a dress for yet another week.

Match #5: “Diamond Steel” Ryan Howe vs Vaughn Lilas
Barker is the ref here as Howe comes out playing a Epiphone SG-3 Gibson according to Dean. We are reminded that Lilas is a 2-time former OVW Champion, Hustler Rip Rogers’ personal student, and has tagged with several folks that are in Wrestlemania 30. Lilas backs Howe to the corner and slaps his chest then grabs a headlock. Howe shoots Lilas into the ropes but gets blocked down. Lilas whips Howe across and throws an elbow then does it again and gets hit with a Howe elbow. Howe goes up top but Lilas hits the ropes before raking the face and Howe falls to the floor. Lilas goes out and chops Howe then throws him back in so he can choke Howe and wrap his arm around the bottom rope. Lilas legdrops Howe for 2 but misses a second as Howe rolls away. Howe hits an armbreaker and drops a fist then comes off the top with a blockbuster for 2. Howe runs into a Lilas boot but pulls away from an inverted DDT and grabs Lilas’ arm. Howe applies his “Whammy Bar” and Lilas taps out.
New number one contender Howe poses on the ropes as the show goes off.

THOUGHTS: 5 matches and 4 ended in submission, OVW must be the submission capital of the world! They certainly gave us an interesting twist in the Olivencia/Danger/Anthony saga with Davis’ leveling of the playing field. They mentioned Wrestlemania a lot during the show! We’re getting held in suspense on a couple of other items such as: will Vaez take Revolver up on his offer or will Jonze finally snap on Gunn if he loses again. Body Guy stuffing his dress was pretty funny. Overall this show was kind of just there so I’ll give it a thumbs in the middle.

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