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Buff Bagwell Says CM Punk Is Too Small, John Cena Isn’t As Big As The Rock and More

– Former nWo member Buff Bagwell recently spoke with The Shoot. Here are some highlights:

Thoughts on John Cena:

“I don’t think he’s a Rock, I don’t think he is a Sting, I don’t think he is a Goldberg, I don’t think he is a Stone Cold. But I think he’s bigger than a Buff Bagwell. I really do. Now mainly because of the way they’ve pushed him i give him credit than being bigger than me. When you lay out the facts, no he’s not as big as The Rock, no he’s not as big as Stone Cold, no he’s not as big as these other guys I’m talking about. Then again, you give me the same push i think i would be just as big as John Cena. He’s not that cornerstone guy. He’s not that super mega superstar that The Rock has become. He’s not that super mega superstar Stone Cold had become. He’s just WWE’s number one guy and with a little bit of help, a lot of guys could be that guy. He’s just got the look, he’s got the ability, and he was at the right place at the right time to be their poster child.”

Thoughts on CM Punk:

“He’s too small. That’s why they kept him and The Rock as far apart as they could until they had to wrestle because when you really stand Rock against CM Punk in the ring. They just don’t look like it fits. You’ve got a 260 pound guy in The Rock down to a buck 80-85 CM Punk. Nothing against being a buck 85 but you know TNA’s got a division called the X Division for guys like that. I think that’s a good thing to have, but as far as being the World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk should not be. He’s not big enough, he don’t look the part. He’s heard, i bet if you ask him and he told the truth, he’s heard a million times wow you’re not as big as i thought you were. That’s not good for Pro Wrestling. You’ve gotta be big you know? to make it believable, to make it more realistic. I don’t think he’s that. He just doesn’t carry that kind of power.”

Does Buff think anything can save TNA?:

“No, I don’t think there is. That’s why I’m not mad they didn’t hire me. Hiring Buff Bagwell isn’t going to save TNA. Hiring The Rock isn’t going to save TNA. So why put out a couple more hundred grand a year when it’s not going to save the company. I understand their position but I still don’t understand keeping the show on television. Either shut it down or do hire a Buff Bagwell that may switch the channels a little more, may make something happen. It may make somebody want to come over. Then you got The Rock and Buff Bagwell, maybe a Goldberg on TNA. Now you’ve got some heavy players. You just can’t have match after match people going who’s this guy here? what’s that guys name? You gotta have name value and they don’t.”

“They (TNA) were at the Gwinett Center here about 6 months ago, and I just drove up there and walked in. They just ate me up and oh god you look great, looks like you haven’t aged a bit, you know all this stuff. Me and Eric did text back and forth and all of sudden guys started getting fired, it was the same ol story, TNA’s going under and it was over again. I just can’t imagine being in the wrestling business you’ve got Buff Bagwell living in Atlanta, you’re running a Gwinett show which is 20 minutes from my house. Why would you not have Buff Bagwell come in and get beat? Put me on TV, beat me, but why not put me on TV? People know me better than they know other guy they’re beating. So why not get a better rating and beat me. I’m not asking to win, I’m asking to be part of the show and help them build a product.”

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19 Responses

  1. miko says:

    I have been on 3 shows with buff he is no taller then me I’m just 5’10

  2. Randy says:

    Marcus is just screwing around

  3. Dragon says:

    Such a shame what roids do to the brain.
    Hell in some wrestling circle I’m a bigger name than buff bagwell. Not exactly a high bar to surpass.
    As far as his punk and cena shots. I may not like cena but he’s easily up there with rock and Austin. Just a different breed of fan.
    All these muscle head idiots need to get out the 80s and realize size means little anymore despite the fact that it does help.

  4. James says:

    I agree that John Cena isn’t Stone Cold or The Rock. However, to state that CM Punk isn’t fit to be a World Champion is a bit….ignorant.

  5. mrjoshdude says:

    Buff Trollwell

  6. Joe B says:

    I was just talking about this the other day. And I agree with him on the Cena topic. Im a bigger Cena fan than most, but he wouldn’t have been a big name if he was in when SCSA and The Rock were. And he isn’t as big as Hogan because if Cena signed with TNA, he wouldn’t have the impact that Hogan did. Hogan in his prime or slightly after, could have made today’s TNA a competitor with WWE.

  7. RJ ACE says:

    Not a Cena fan and I grew up in the Attitude Era but WWE is making more money now than they ever have and they’re worth more now than they’ve ever been. It’s a business and while Cena may not have the crossover appeal that Austin or Rock had, he is just as big as both of them in the wrestling world easily. It’s all about money and Cena is a cash cow. Bagwell is in that Lex Luger/Sid Vicious category of guys who had a great look but could never be the man because of attitude and work rate. Bagwell never could have handled the push that Cena’s gotten physically or mentally.

  8. Shocky Muraco says:

    Bagwell has a point about Cena not being as big as the Rock. Cena doesn’t have the connection that Rock, Austin, Hogan and even the Ultimate Warrior has/had with the fans. John Cena is nothing more than the WWE’s pc corporate mouth piece who always comes across in his promos as if he’s lecturing the fans in his promos. Whereas Hogan etc acted more like a big brother or best friend to the fans allowing the fans to connected to them. Wrestling fans don’t need to be lectured to, that’s what their parents are for.

  9. LOL says:

    Buff knows his stuff!!!!!

  10. Dragon says:

    I thank god for people like you who evolved with the product and understands that it’s more business than wraslin like it used to be. I’d actually imagine cena pulls more money once you factor in larger arenas, higher ticket prices, more shows, and a new cena match every couple weeks. Perhaps when adjusted for inflation Austin and rock would be on par.
    What no one gets is Austin and rock appealed to the (at the time fan base) of males age 10-40. Now the base is still made up of those fans but they have kids now and the product is more kid friendly. So you pool the kids cena is bigger.

  11. Shuffles says:


  12. terry says:

    who cares if cm punk is not the biggest when it comes to size it belivable becuase he one of the best in that ring

  13. Kerry Standifur says:

    Sounds like Bagwell’s ego is bigger than his muscles.

  14. Michael says:

    Bagwell is such a tool

  15. RJ ACE says:

    @Shuffles- Not in such a short period of time no. Austin 3:16 was the highest selling shirt in WWE history yes, but the Cena brand overall has made far more money than the Stone Cold brand. Austin was red hot for a few years, Cena has been selling merchandise for over 10 years strong and he doesn’t have a Rock or DX to compete with in sales. I’m not taking anything away from Austin as I am a huge fan of his and like I said, I do not like the John Cena character, but he has made WWE more money than Austin did overall. WWE comes out with new Cena gear every 3-4 months which includes hats, t-shirts, and wrist bands. WWE pimps way more merch than they did during the Ausin era.

  16. RJ ACE says:

    @Dragon- I agree 100%. Pro wrestling is a business…period. All that matters is the all mighty dollar and the bottom line.

  17. Drew says:

    I don’t put too much stock into the opinions of male prostitutes.

  18. Stonz says:

    I agree with Michael and Drew lol.

    Buff is an idiot, no telling what pill he was on during this interview lol. Sounds to me like he just wanted to toot his own horn to try and get on TV somewhere besides Gigolos!

  19. I am your father says:

    Buff Bagwell
    Thought he was dead

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