TNA Lockdown Coverage: Magnus vs. Joe

Mar 9, 2014 - by Michael Riba

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Steel Cage Match: Magnus (c) vs. Samoa Joe
Joe controls the early part of the match and takes Magnus down to the mat. Magnus fights back to his feet and sends Joe into the corner. Magnus backs away and charges, and then drives his shoulder into Joe in the corner. Joe comes back and slams Magnus into the cage, and Magnus is busted open. Magnus fights back and locks in a Figure Four leg-lock and Joe writes in pain, and Joe is busted open as well. Joe turns the Figure Four over and now it is locked into Magnus. Joe lets go of the hold and backs away. Joe charges, but Magnus takes him down with a drop-toe hold. Magnus apples a Camel Clutch, but Joe breaks the hold. Magnus goes for the sleeper hold, but Joe counters and drops Magnus with a rear-suplex. Joe continues to beat down Magnus. He drops him with a big boot and then delivers the back splash. Magnus rakes Joe’s eyes, but Joe grabs him and slams him down to the mat. Joe grabs Magnus’ arm and locks in an arm-breaker down on the mat. Joe sets Magnus up on the top rope and delivers a chop. Magnus rakes Joe’s eyes again and then sends Joe down to the mat. Magnus delivers an elbow drop from the top rope. Joe comes back with a series of slaps and then he sets Magnus on the top rope. Joe grabs Magnus and delivers a Muscle Buster and locks in the rear-naked choke.

We see a hand rise up from under the ring and it grabs Joe and pulls him under the ring. Joe emerges back from under the ring and chokes Magnus in the corner. Abyss gets into the ring and hits Joe with Janice. Abyss drops Joe with the Black Hole Slam. Magnus locks in the rear-naked choke on Joe, and Joe is knocked out and the referee calls for the bell.
Winner and still TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Magnus.

We go backstage and we see Eric Young confronting Magnus and Abyss, but Al Snow holds him back.

We see Dixie Carter on the phone with her “insurance policy,” and she sends Rockstar Spud to go get them. Bobby Roode walks in and wants to know what her plan is. She asks him when he is going to trust her, and he responds with “Never!” Dixie says, thanks to her, Jeff Hardy will be nowhere near the ring and she expects him to win. She says, just in case, however, she has her insurance policy. Dixie says Roode is the only one that can lose, because she has herself covered.

We see the video hype package for the Lethal Lockdown Match.

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