TNA Lockdown Coverage: Lethal Lockdown

Mar 9, 2014 - by Michael Riba

Lethal Lockdown Match: Team Dixie (Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, Jessie Godderz, and Robbie E) (w/DJ Zema Ion) vs. Team MVP (MVP, Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards, and Jeff Hardy)

Austin Aries and MVP start the match for their teams. MVP sends Aries into the corner and charges, but Aries moves and MVP gets caught up on the top rope. Aries sends MVP down to the mat and locks in a submission. Aries lets go of the hold and goes up top. Aries goes for a missile dropkick, but MVP moves out of the way and Aries hits the mat. MVP takes control of the match and takes Aries down with a suplex. MVP comes off the ropes, but Aries drops him with a clothesline. Aries sends MVP to the corner and then delivers a running dropkick. MVP comes back and takes Aries down on the mat and then strikes Aries with a few forearm shots. Aries reverses and locks MVP in an arm-bar, but MVP rolls through and locks Aries’ head in between his knees. The countdown clock begins and Robbie E enters the match.

Robbie E gets into the match and immediately gets taken down by MVP. Aries attacks MVP, which allows Robbie E to recover. They double-team MVP for a bit, but the countdown clock begins and Eddie Edwards enters the match. Edwards goes right after Aries and Robbie E to get them off of MVP. DJ Zema tries to climb the cage, but Edwards sends Robbie into the cage and DJ Zema falls to the floor. MVP and Edwards are in control of the match, but the countdown clock begins and Jessie Godderz enters the match.

The Bro-Mans beat down Edwards as Aries beats down MVP. Aries smacks MVP in the head and then dropkicks Edwards. Davey Richards enters the match.

Richards fights both of the Bro-Mans off and then sends Aries into the corner. Richards takes Robbie down with a boot to the side of his head. MVP and The Wolves triple-team Aries in the corner as the Bro-Mans are down on the other side of the ring. Edwards takes Aries down with a running elbow drop. The Bro-Mans get to their feet and beat down The Wolves and MVP. The Wolves counter and take down The Bro-Mans with dual Boston Crabs, but Aries takes them down as Bobby Roode enters the match.

Roode takes Edwards and Richards down with spine-busters and then works over Richards’ injured shoulder in the corner. Team Dixie is in control, but then MVP takes Aries down with a Spear. We see the countdown clock come on again, and the lights go out in the arena. They come back on and Willow is at the top of the cage. He delivers a cross-body to all four members of Team Dixie.

Team MVP beats down Team Dixie as Dixie Carter’s music hits. She introduces the special guest referee for the match, and Bully Ray’s music hits and he comes to the ring. Team MVP all stare down Ray as Team Dixie attack them from behind. Ray grabs a table from under the ring and puts it into the ring. Team Dixie has complete control of the match as Ray stands back and looks on. Rockstar Spud and Dixie Carter have a seat at ringside. Aries dropkicks a trash can lid into Richards’ shoulder. Roode locks Richards in the cross-face. Team MVP comes back and turns the tide in the match. MVP drops the Ballin’ Elbow on Roode, but Robbie takes him down right after. Willow flings Aries into the side of the cage. Roode grabs a hockey stick and begins beating down Team MVP with it. The Bro-Mans hit MVP with a kendo stick and go for the cover, but it is broken up at two. The Wolves double-dropkick a trashcan into The Bro-Mans. Edwards goes for the cover, but Aries breaks it up at two. Richards sets Aries in a chair and delivers a series of kicks to his chest. Aries counters and delivers a Brain Buster to Richards through the chair. Aries goes for the cover, but Willow breaks it up at two. Aries smashes a trashcan over Willow’s head. Aries goes for the 450 Splash on Willow, but Willow moves and Aries crashes through the trashcan. Willow nails Aries with a Twist of Fate and a Swanton Bomb and goes for the cover, but Roode breaks it up at two. Roode goes to slam MVP through the table, but Bully Ray gets in his way. Roode shoves Ray away, but then Ray slams Roode down to the mat. MVP kicks Roode in the face and goes for the cover, and Ray counts to three.
Winners: MVP, Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards, and Willow.

After the match, Bully Ray raises the hands of Team MVP as Dixie Carter and Rockstar Spud are in shock on the stage. MVP and The Wolves march up the ramp and get in Dixie’s face, but she pulls Spud down to the ring. She starts yelling at Ray and he glares down at her. Spud pulls Dixie away from ringside and Bully Ray delivers a power bomb to Roode through the table.

We see a video package for TNA Sacrifice, which will take place on Sunday, April 27th, as Lockdown comes to a close.

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