TNA Lockdown Coverage: Gunner vs. Storm

Mar 9, 2014 - by Michael Riba

Last Man Standing Steel Cage Match: Gunner vs. James Storm
Gunner and Storm begin brawling on the outside of the ring, and Gunner is the aggressor in the battle, not letting Storm get any offense in. Storm fights back and finally takes control and gets Gunner into the ring and the bell finally rings. Storm hits Gunner in the midsection with a chair and then wedges it into the corner. Gunner fights back for a bit, but Storm keeps control. Storm grabs one of the tag ropes from the turnbuckle and begins to choke Gunner with it. Gunner stirs at the count of three, and Storm chokes him with the rope again. Storm slams Gunner face-first into the corner, but Gunner begins to show no weakness and then drops Storm with a series of clotheslines and a running high knee. Gunner picks up a steel pan and slams it into Storm’s face. The referee begins to count, and Storm gets to his feet at the count of six. Gunner goes after Storm, but Storm counters and slams Gunner into the steel chair. Gunner gets to his feet at the count of five. Gunner gets to his feet as Storm charges at him, but Gunner takes Storm down with a Spear. Storm gets to his feet at the count of seven and reaches for a chair, but Gunner stops him. Gunner slams Storm down to the mar again and the referee begins the count. Gunner gets to the top rope and dives off, but Storm slams the chair into his face. Gunner gets to his feet at eight, and Storm nails him with the chair again and the referee begins the count. Storm sets up two chairs in the ring and goes to power-bomb Gunner through them, but Gunner fights out. Storm and Gunner fight on the top rope, and Gunner slams Storm’s head into the cage repeatedly. Gunner delivers a super-plex to Storm and Storm goes right through the two chairs that he set up. Both men are down until a count of nine, when Gunner props himself up with a chair, while Storm cannot answer the ten count.
Winner: Gunner.

We take a look back to Dixie Carter’s promo from earlier tonight, where she said Jeff Hardy is barred from the building.

We see The Wolves talking backstage about how they’re going to take out Team Dixie. MVP walks in and says they are going to stick to the plan and they will defeat Team Dixie.

We see the video hype package for the feud between Madison Rayne and Gail Kim.

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