TNA Lockdown Coverage: Anderson vs. Shaw

Mar 9, 2014 - by Michael Riba

Before the match, Samuel Shaw looks around ringside for Christy Hemme. He grabs a microphone and climbs to the top of the cage. He says if she doesn’t come out to ringside, he is going to “professional end it all.” He stands upon top of the cage and appears to be ready to jump from the top of the cage, but Mr. Anderson comes out and interrupts him. Anderson tells Shaw to get down so that he can beat him up a little bit.

Steel Cage Match: Mr. Anderson vs. Samuel Shaw
Anderson starts to beat down Shaw and Christy Hemme comes to the ring. Anderson drags Shaw to the middle of the ring and goes for the Mic Check, but Shaw elbows his way out. Anderson takes Shaw down with a gut-wrench suplex, but Shaw comes right back and begins beating down Anderson. Shaw begins to climb the cage to escape, but Anderson cuts him off. Shaw slams Anderson’s face into the cage repeatedly until Anderson falls down to the mat. Shaw gets one leg over the top of the cage, but Anderson drags him back in again. Anderson slams Shaw’s face into the cage now and then drops him down to the mat with a back-suplex. Both men crawl around on the mat, and then Shaw slams Anderson into the cage. Shaw finally spots Christy on the outside and then smiles and waves at her. Shaw tries to go out of the cage door, but Anderson dropkicks him and the door hits Earl Hebner on the outside. Anderson drops Shaw with the Mic Check. Anderson picks Shaw up again and delivers a second Mic Check, this time into the bottom turnbuckle. Anderson drops to the outside as Christy gets too close to the cage opening and Shaw drags her into the ring. Anderson tries to help her, but Shaw dropkicks him off the cage. Christy slams Shaw across the face and Anderson gets the key and unlocks the door. Anderson drops Shaw with a right hand and then gets Christy out of the cage. Shaw delivers a low-blow to Anderson and locks in the choke hold. Anderson passes out and Shaw escapes the cage as Hebner sees it and calls for the bell.
Winner: Samuel Shaw.

We go backstage and we see Bobby Roode talking to the BroMans. Roode talks about winning tonight and becoming 10% owner of TNA, but then Austin Aries walks up and he and the BroMans want some of the ownership as well. They all argue about the amount of the company that they get as we go back into the arena.

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