Brief Review of “Wrestling’s Most Crappy Gimmick” DVD‏

Mar 7, 2014 - by Steve Gerweck

by Alan J. Wojcik

Ever think you saw the “Crappiest Gimmick” in wrestling in your youth or teenage years? Fred “Shockmaster” Ottman, Kevin Nash, Sunny, Blue Meanie, Finlay, DDP, Vince Russo, Stevie Richards, Sandman, Sean “1-2-3 Kid” Waltman, New Jack & legendary journalist Bill Apter think so too and they are here once more for Kayfabe Commentaries countdown series Wrestling’s Most.

Here are the gimmicks NOT on the top five list:

Outback Jack, LazerTron (1980’s NWA/Mid-Atlantic), Mantaur, Outback Jack, TL Hopper, the Goon, Duke Droese, Oz, Vinnie Vegas or the Master Blasters (Hey even Nash who played the last three mentioned said what the hell), the New Midnight Express, Techno Team 2000, the Black Scorpion (ask your older brother/sister about this 1990 Ole Anderson created “gem”), the Mulkeys, Saba Simba (sorry Tony Atlas), Dusty Rhodes wearing the yellow polka dots, Bastion Booger, Skinner, Max Moon & Beaver Cleavage.

As usual I will not list the top five. I will mention I voted for Mantaur and Outback Jack on the poll that was created with the help of WrestleCrap, the leader in remembering the good and really bad stuff in wrestling history. The panel were very surprised the fans didn’t vote Mantaur into the top five and were surprised by number four which was a wrestler who was sort of modelled after poultry. If you have seen the Biggest Botch DVD then you know who number three is without me mentioning it and he happens to be in this panel. Number one is an obvious one but shouldn’t have been in the top five.

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