Did The Extreme Rising Title Change Hands Or Not

Mar 4, 2014 - by staff

When is a title change not a title change? That question may be answered shortly. As we reported over the weekend, Luke Hawx defeated Stevie Richards at a ECWA event on 3/1 to win the Rising championship. The match was added to the ECWA event after Rising’s show at the former ECW Arena was canceled.

However, the word is making the rounds that the title was never supposed to change hands. When I reached out to Rising head Steve O’Neil today, he sighed and said a statement would be issued, “but right now, I am dealing with ticket refunds and exchanges.”

So, I am guessing Stevie is still the champion – although this begs to ask the question: what led to the title change? Did the wrestlers go into business for themselves? Was it a communication error? Is it all an angle? I guess we will see.

Speaking of O’Neil, he posted a video where he discusses the Rising show over the weekend being canceled, right after he is informed there is no way the show can take place. It’s not mentioned on this video, but Rising did attempt to book three other venues with two days’ notice, but one was too expensive and the other two were unavailable due to prior booked events.

The ECWA event allowed free admission to any fan that brought their Rising ticket stub. WOW in Staten Island, NY is offering the same free admission for the show, which is advertising a Stevie Richards title defense against “Latin Lover” Chachi. For more details, visit www.ExtremeRising.com

Source: PWInsider.com

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