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More on Last Night’s TNA Impact Failing to Make the Top 100 and Competition from WWE NXT

– As noted earlier, last night’s episode of TNA Impact Wrestling failed to make the top 100 shows ranked in the adult demographic, so the viewership and rating is delayed. This was only about the third time in company history the show hasn’t made the top 100 on Thursday nights.

There were four shows on Spike TV that made the top 100 last night – four episodes of Cops, including the lead-in Cops episode for Impact. Unlike last week where there was major competition, the only competition TNA would have faced last night would have been WWE’s NXT Arrival show and the usual NBA on TNT basketball game, which did 2.722 million viewers.

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  1. Stunning Steve says:

    They really don’t have any names to draw with right now or any storylines anyone is talking about. I am reminded a lot of ECW’s final days. They need something to turn things around or they are going to have little choice but to fold. I can’t imagine Spike will keep sinking money into a sinking ship.

  2. Really? says:

    Sinking what money? They supposedly paid Sting’s salary and part of Hogan’s. Neither guy is in TNA now.

  3. T says:

    NXT was not competition unless you assume those who have the WWE Network would have watched Impact.

  4. Jau says:

    WWE fanboys are the worst..

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