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Updated: March Madness tournament giveaways (with contest participants)

To celebrate our fifth annual March Madness tournament, we are giving away four prizes –

Hustle Loyalty Respect T-shirt (size L)

The King of New Orleans (Junkyard Dog book)

Classic Back in Black (NWO) DVD

ROH Gateway to Honor DVD (featuring The American Wolves, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas, Adam Cole, Mia Yim, and more)

Winner - First choice
Runner up - Second choice
Third place (higher percentage vs. 4th place) - 3rd choice
Fourth Place - Remaining prize


1. CM Punk (Seth Drzewicki)
2. The Rock (Eric Williams)
3. Jeff Hardy (Mike Nguyen)
4. Rey Mysterio (Alex Casey)
5. Diesel (Mike Mazur)
6. The Big Show (Wayne Yale)
7. Kurt Angle (Mark Milner)
8. Dolph Ziggler (Michael Berry)
9. Wade Barrett (Clint B.)
10. Cody Rhodes (Tim Hawthorne)
11. Shelton Benjamin (Montez Sesley)
12. Chris Jericho (Erik Zieba)
13. Owen Hart (Steven Kender)
14. “Rowdy” Roddy Piper (Joshua Moreland)
15. Road Dogg (Samantha Hartley)
16. “Magnificent” Don Muraco (Guled Ahmed)
17. Jeff Jarrett (Blair Regal)
18. The Honky Tonk Man (Adam Luce)
19. Tito Santana (Libby Overton)
20. Billy Gunn (Tonya Moehler)
21. Lance Storm (Garry Gilmore)
22. Greg “The Hammer” Valentine (Stuart Anderson)
23. Goldust (Matt Beyer)
24. William Regal (Tammy Wentworth)
25. British Bulldog (Zac Richards)
26. Razor Ramon (Robert Franklin)
27. Rick Rude (Thomas West)
28. Bret Hart (Wyatt Collins)
29. Christian (Edward Cook)
30. Kane (Brad Hawk)
31. Kofi Kingston (Joshua Barnhart)
32. Rob Van Dam (Paula Hicks)
33. Triple H (Joe Kotulski)
34. The Miz (Kyle Andrew Christie)
35. JBL (Eric Haynes)
36. Booker T (Renee Prater)
37. Mr. Perfect (Jeff Smith)
38. Eddy Guerrero (Shawn LaBorde)
39. Edge (Dan Lovato)
40. Texas Tornado (Nick Elzer)
41. Pat Patterson (Joanne Allen)
42. Pedro Morales (Mike Messina)
43. Ricky Steamboat (Jeff Smith)
44. The Ultimate Warrior (Audrey Hobart)
45. Steve Austin (Andres Garcia)
46. Shawn Michaels (Stan Janczuk)
47. Curtis Axel (Nicole Vancena)
48. Umaga (Joe Mitchell)
49. Ken Shamrock (Jeff Michaels)
50. Dean Douglas (J.C. Cain)
51. Ahmed Johnson (Michelle Green)
52. Randy Orton (Michael Hirn)
53. Marc Mero (Karl S.)
54. Carlito (Sahm Vivian)
55. Randy Savage (Jake Garvelli)
56. John Morrison (Brenda Cole)
57. Rikishi (Aiden Kendera)
58. D-Lo Brown (Aaron Long)
59. Chyna (Cliff Everitt)
60. Val Venis (Lincoln Baxter)
61. Ric Flair (James Tippett III)
62. Chris Benoit (Dale Meyers)
63. Ken Patera (Joshua Drehmer)
64. The Mountie (Chris Morin)

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  1. Yes! I got The Miz. No chance he’ll be 1st but he could make it to 4th.

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