WWE Where Are They Now: Scott Norton

Feb 26, 2014 - by staff

Many memories have gotten lost in the mind of Scott Norton, the monstrous Minnesotan who dominated New Japan Pro Wrestling before returning to America to bulldoze the competition in WCW. However, many of those extraordinary moments — from his stint as a bodyguard for Prince to his dominant career in Japan —are resurfacing as the man known as “Flash” gets ready to publish a book chronicling his crazy career.

For Norton, wrestling never seemed like a career path. Still, as a kid in the Midwest, watching squared-circle action was almost a habit every weekend.

“It was AWA wrestling, the pre-game show & then football,” Norton told WWE.com. “Everybody watched it.”

Norton hadn’t given any thought to stepping into the ring himself. He took to other sports, though his big size may have prevented him from reaching his full potential.

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