WWE Raw LIVE Pre Show

Feb 24, 2014 - by staff

We are live on the WWE Network from Green Bay, & your host is Josh Matthews, with special guests: Alex Riley, Ric Flair, & Booker T

Josh talks about how great of a day today is with the official launch of the WWE Network

They talk about how tonight will be the return of the Immortal Hulk Hogan to the WWE. & he will be their live guest immediately following WWE Monday Night Raw on the WWE Network

Flair says he can’t wait to see John Cena get revenge tonight

In the meantime in the ring behind them they are taping WWE Superstars, & Damien Sandow is facing Kofi Kingston as we go to commercial

We are back and we join the match live. They mention this is being taped for WWE Superstars to air this Thursday

Kofi with a take down on Sandow, but then we go back to the panel, & Booker says he wants to see Kofi take out his aggression right here. Yet they keep it on the panel. As we go to stills from last night’s Elimination Chamber PPV of the Shield vs. The Wyatt Family match

Riley mentions that their is cracks in the Shield, & he wants to see how Seth Rollins will keep this together, this is definitely now The Wyatt’s yard

Flair talks about how Reigns is now ready to walk out & walk the aisle on his own

We go back to the ring live just in time to see Kofi Kingston roll up Damien Sandow for the 3 count

We go to Jerry Lawler on the old interview stage to interview the victorious Kofi Kingston, he says the crowd tonight is awesome, that hopefully this is the start to his road to Wrestlemania

They mention the network is the only place to see the post match interview like that

Flair says if Kofi wants to be the guy, he better buy a lear jet

Matthews says he agrees with Alex Riley, it’s stuff like that, that the WWE Network is all about. As we go to another WWE Network commercial more specially Wrestlemania Rewind on the Network

They now are looking at the Alberto Del Rio/Batista match from last night in still photos

Matthews says Del Rio claims he was not ready last night, & has requested & been granted a rematch tonight live on WWE Raw against Batista

Booker T says Randy Orton is his man right now, that he is the face of the WWE

Go to WWE.com to make your vote for what was the match of the night at WWE Elimination Chamber. Your choices are:

A. The WWE Tag Team Title Match
B. The Shield vs The Wyatt Family
C. The Elimination Chamber Match

Mean time in the background you see Goldust & Cody Rhodes make their way to the ring, then Los Matadores as we go to another commercial for the WWE Network. This time for WWE Countdown

We are back live, & Josh Matthews says we have all heard the rumors, & they are that Brock Lesnar is there in Green Bay, & that we haven’t seen Lesnar since his beat down of Big Show at the 2014 Royal Rumble. And we go to video from the Rumble beat down with a steel chair

Ric Flair says everyone should get behind a locked door if the rumor that Lesnar is here

We go to the back where Renee Young is standing by with Raw GM Brad Maddox, she wants to know if Brock is here.

They are interrupted by Sheamus & Christian arguing. Maddox makes an official match for tonight’s Raw between the 2, & Sheamus tells Christian not to make promises he can’t keep

Matthews asks who needs the win more, & Booker T & Alex Riley both agree Christian needs the win more tonight on Monday Night Raw

As we go to commercial we see the match going on in the background on Superstars is 3MB & RybAxel vs. Los Matadores & Cody Rhodes & Goldust

Back from another WWE Network commercial we now take a look at photos from the Chamber Match last night on ppv, & Randy Orton’s victory over Daniel Bryan

Matthews asks if they believe Daniel Bryan truly was about to win. Booker T & Alex Riley argue about it, & Flair says why don’t they just start going YES YES YES, that the best man walked out WWE World Champion last night

Booker T says Daniel Bryan just slipped on a banana last night

We take a look at what happened to Cena last night at the hands of the Wyatt Family

They wrap up the pre show as Michael Cole & Jerry the King Lawler make their way to ringside for the start of WWE Monday Night Raw

Matthews asks for parting shots

And they all seem to agree you gotta love it

And we go to black as Raw is about to go live on USA Network

I will be back immediately following Raw at 1106pm tonight for the WWE Raw Backstage pass live with Hulk Hogan immediately following Monday Night Raw

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