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Which PPV Events Are Missing from The WWE Network?

– The following pay-per-views are currently missing from the WWE Network. The 2014 Royal Rumble will likely be added soon.

* No Holds Barred: The Match/The Movie (1989)
* Insurrextion (2000)
* Royal Rumble (2011)
* Royal Rumble (2014)

* The Great American Bash (1991)
* Japan Supershow (1991)
* Japan Supershow (1992)
* Japan Supershow (1993)
* When World’s Collide (1994)
* Collision In Korea (1995)
* Millenium Final (2000, German only)

* Massacre On 34th Street

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Partial source: PWInsider

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12 Responses

  1. Andrew Davis says:

    Why isnt RR ’11? And You forgot to mention last night’s Elimination Chamber is also missing

  2. Kimbo Hyuck says:

    Well damn that’s surprisingly close to their promise. When i clicked this link i was worried it was going to be a ridic long list they lied about. But by the looks there’s only a few overcites in the grand picture of things.

  3. Ali says:

    They probably can not air the Japan Supershows without immunity from New Japan Pro Wrestling

  4. zrich says:

    There’s probably legal issues with the overseas WCW ones. They probably can’t show those without NJPW permission. Was Massacre On 34th Street the one with the untrained minor that New Jack worked over?

  5. Scott II says:

    No zrich, that was a different event that nearly got ECW’s first PPV canceled.

  6. Andrew Davis says:

    Why isn’t RR ’11 on there? What is the issue with it?

  7. Andrew Davis says:

    And why does Raw only go back to 2012? That makes no sense to me

  8. Andrew Davis says:

    @Zrich: That was the Mass Transit incident, that was at a house show

  9. What? says:

    Surprising. When I saw the headline my first guess was “any involving Chris Benoit.”

  10. Steven Jackson says:

    I expected some of these shows to not be included. I am surprised though that Massacre on 34th Street is not on the network. It must be a licensing issue with the name. Ah well the tag match between Super Crazy and Kid Kash vs. Unholy Alliance is on youtube so that does not bother me.

  11. Andrew Davis says:

    @Steven Jackson: That was a house show or tv tapings not a ppv

  12. Andrew Davis says:

    You missed at least 1 WWE ppv, Breakdown 1998 is also missing from the Network

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