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Konnan feels sorry for fans who ordered WWE’s Elimination Chamber

Konnan feels sorry for fans who ordered tonight’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view event, saying they were “ripped off.”

“Today i was reminded why i dont watch WWE PPV’s, feel sorry for those who pay..#RippedOff,” wrote Konnan on Twitter following the show, who was urged to watch it by a friend.

Offering his take on Elimination Chamber, Konnan wrote, “Bad finish in the Usos match, they are over with da fans..Shield/Wyatts match very good, great camerwork at the end..Whichever Funkadactyl wrestled AJ, still sucks..Match had about as much heat as an icecube in a freezer in da northpole..Wow, Batista has turned ADR babyface,they hate him..Fans have chanted CM Punk, Bryan. & even Lesner & Y2J during da match..”

The WWE World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber Match concluded with Kane assisting Randy Orton to defeat Daniel Bryan. In response to the finish, Konnan wrote, “Wow, how many different ways are there to f**k Daniel Bryan? #Incredible.”

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4 Responses

  1. Andrew Davis says:

    Well at least no fan will ever be screwed over ever again. The Network launches in 9 hours, and you will get every single ppv from now on on the network. No stop bitching people. Just enjoy what will be the network, and the fact you no longer have to pay for the ppvs.

  2. I actually quite enjoyed this PPV. The Shield vs The Wyatt Family was freaking fantastic. I would say the greatest tag match I’ve ever seen. If there’s a rematch I hope it’s as good if not better. Loved it!

  3. deathedge says:

    @Andrew Davis (I copied and pasted this from my Facebook timeline as it pretty much sums up my thoughts on that)

    I love how all people can say in defense of Elimination Chamber is “Well shut up. You won’t have to pay when the Network comes out!

    1) Yes. You do have to pay. $10 for the Network. Yes, it is a MUCH cheaper price, but you still have to pay for them.

    2) It was still an overall crummy show.

    3) I’m starting to hope the Network fails. I hate it, but if WWE gets $10 from a metric butt ton of people, as well as continue to have high attendance and high merch sales, they will lose ALL motivation to put on a compelling PPV that ISN’T the big 3 (Rumble, Mania, SummerSlam)

  4. Mimura says:

    the ppv wasn’t that bad. While I agree with the Daniel Bryan sentiment, Konnan should learn to shut the @#$% up

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