WWE Elimination Chamber Coverage: Tag Team Championship

Feb 23, 2014 - by Michael Riba

WWE Tag Team Championship Match: The New Age Outlaws (Billy Gunn and Road Dogg) vs. The Usos (Jey and Jimmy)

Gunn and Jimmy start the match off, and Gunn controls the match for a bit. Gunn comes off the ropes, but Jimmy takes him down with a drop-toe hold. Jimmy keeps the pace up, but Gunn rolls to the outside. The Usos goes for a double-splash to the outside, but the Outlaws move out of the way and The Usos stop when they get to the ropes. Dogg and Jey get into the ring now. Dogg kicks Jey in the midsection and then delivers a headbutt. Dogg sends Jey into the corner and charges, but Jey gets a boot up. Jey charges at Dogg, but Dogg counters and slams Jey into the ropes. Dogg dumps Jey to the outside. Dogg tags in Gunn, who drops Jey on the outside with a clothesline. Gunn tosses Jey back into the ring and goes for the cover, but Jey kicks out at two. Gunn takes Jey to the corner and tags in Dogg. Dogg comes off the ropes and drops Jey to the mat. Dogg goes for the cover, but Jey kicks out at two. Dogg applies a headlock down on the mat. Jey fights to his feet and delivers a series of elbows to the midsection. Jey kicks Dogg in the head and both men are down. Jimmy and Gunn are tagged in, and Jimmy takes control. Jimmy drops Gunn with an Samoan Drop and then sends Dogg over the top rope. Gunn checks on Dogg and Jimmy takes both men down with a suicide dive. Back in the ring, Gunn goes for the Fame-asser on Jimmy, but Jimmy counters and slams Gunn down. Jimmy goes for the cover, but Gunn kicks out at two. Jimmy goes up top, but Dogg gets on the apron. Jimmy kicks Dogg in the face and Gunn rolls up Jimmy and gets the pin fall.
Winners and still WWE Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws.
After the match, Bad News Barrett appears again. Barrett says he has bad news for Daniel Bryan fans. Barrett says Bryan will not be winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship this evening, and that means the fickle fans will turn on him and the Yes Movement will cease to exist. Barrett chants “Yes, Yes, Yes!” as the crowd chants “No, No No!”

We get a WrestleMania highlight package that informs us that WrestleMania XXX is only 42 days away.

The announcers show the different ways that we can access the WWE Network.

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