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WWE Elimination Chamber Coverage: Elimination Chamber Match

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber Match: Randy Orton vs. Cesaro (w/Zeb Colter) vs. Christian vs. Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena vs. Sheamus

Cesaro and Sheamus start the match off. Cesaro sends Sheamus out to the steel, but Sheamus comes back and gets into the ring. Cesaro goes against the ropes and Sheamus charges, but Cesaro elevates him out to the steel. Sheamus gets back into the ring and takes Cesaro down. Sheamus drops Cesaro with a neck-breaker and goes for the cover, but Cesaro kicks out at two. Sheamus elevates Cesaro out to the steel platform and goes out after him. Sheamus delivers the ten clubbing blows against the ropes. Sheamus then clotheslines Cesaro down on the steel. Sheamus tries to suplex Cesaro back into the ring, but Cesaro counters. Both men are on the steel platform and Cesaro goes to the ropes. He stomps on Sheamus and Sheamus goes back into the ring. Cesaro backs Sheamus into the corner and stomps away on him. Sheamus fights back, but Cesaro takes him down with an uppercut. Sheamus fights back and climbs up top, but Cesaro counters with an uppercut again. The countdown begins and Daniel Bryan enters the match.

Bryan delivers a missile dropkick and then delivers a knee to Cesaro. Bryan then takes Sheamus down with a flying forearm. Bryan kicks Cesaro and Sheamus in the chest. Bryan roundhouse kicks Cesaro in the head and Cesaro rolls to the outside. Bryan applies an submission to Sheamus and pins Cesaro at the same time, but Cesaro kicks out. Bryan goes up top, but Cesaro catches him and delivers a back-breaker. Cesaro goes for the cover, but Bryan kicks out at two. Sheamus comes back and drops Cesaro with a clothesline. Cesaro comes back and clotheslines Sheamus to the steel platform. Bryan slams Cesaro into the steel chain, but Cesaro comes back and slams Bryan right through the pod. Sheamus and Cesaro battle it out and then Sheamus slams Cesaro down onto the steel. Sheamus gets Cesaro in the ring and goes for the cover, but Cesaro kicks out at two. The countdown clock begins again and Christian enters the match.

Christian goes right after Bryan and goes to work on Bryan’s injured shoulder. Christian slams Bryan against a pod and then tosses him back into the ring. Christian plants Bryan to the mat and goes for the cover, but Bryan kicks out at two. Bryan comes back and kicks Christian in the head and then charges at him, but Christian ducks and Bryan lands on his shoulder. Sheamus grabs Christian and slams him repeatedly against the steel chains. Christian comes back and slams Sheamus down onto the steel. Cesaro goes after Christian and slams him into the pod. Cesaro tosses Christian back into the ring and goes for the cover, but Christian kicks out at two. Cesaro smashes Sheamus against the steel chains and then slams him down on the steel platform. The countdown clock begins and John Cena enters the match.

Cena uses Christian as a battering ram, but Bryan goes after Cena. Bryan delivers a series or kicks to Cena, but Christian stops him and deliver the Killswitch. Christian covers Bryan, but Bryan kicks out at two. Sheamus grabs Cena and delivers White Noise, but Cena kicks out at two. Sheamus and Cesaro battle it out again. Cesaro goes for the Neutralizer, but Sheamus counters. Christian plants Cesaro with a DDT and goes for the cover, but Cesaro kicks out at two. Cena slams Christian against the steel chain and then takes Cesaro down with a shoulder tackle. Cena goes after Cesaro again, but Cesaro counters with an uppercut. Cesaro goes for the cover, but Cena kicks out at two. Bryan gets to his feet and delivers a series of kicks to Cena and Cesaro. Sheamus takes Bryan down and continues to battle with Cesaro. Cesaro takes Sheamus down with a superplex. He goes for the cover, but Sheamus kicks out at two. The countdown clock begins and Randy Orton enters the match.

Orton is the only man on his feet and he goes after everybody. Orton poses as the crowd chants “Boring.” Orton goes for the Punt on Bryan, but Bryan moves and no everyone has Orton cornered. Orton tries to lock himself back in the pod, as Sheamus stares him down. The other four men turn their attention to each other. Sheamus Brogue Kicks the pod and gets to Orton. Sheamus slams Orton into the steel chains. Orton comes back and slams Sheamus into it and gets into the ring. Cena drops Orton with the side slam. Cesaro tosses Cena to the outside and goes after Orton. Cesaro swings Orton 30 times! Bryan takes down Cesaro and Sheamus takes down Bryan and Christian. Sheamus goes after Cena, but Christian rolls him up. Sheamus kicks out and Christian goes after Cena, but Cena kicks out as well. Sheamus goes to slam Christian through a pod, but Christian grabs the steel chain and climbs away. Orton and Sheamus climb after Christian, and Orton and Sheamus fall. Christian splashes Sheamus from the top of the pod. Christian goes for the cover and Sheamus has been eliminated.

Orton grabs Christian and goes for the DDT, but Christian reverses. Bryan hits Christian with the running knee and Christian has been eliminated.

All four men stand off and then Bryan battles with Orton as Cena and Cesaro do the same. Cena slams Cesaro into the steel chains as Bryan slams Orton into the pod. Bryan and Cena get back into the ring and square off. Cena goes for the AA on Bryan, but Cesaro German suplexes both men. Cesaro goes for the cover on Cena, but Cena kicks out at two. Cena delivers the AA to Cesaro on the steel platform. Cena pulls Cesaro back into the ring and locks in the STF and Cesaro taps out and has been eliminated.

Cena locks in the STF on Orton, but The Wyatt Family’s music hits. The lights come back on and the Wyatts are in the Chamber. Harper kicks Bryan in the face and then they all attack Cena. They leave Cena lying and leave the Chamber. Orton covers Cena and Cena has been eliminated.

Kane comes to the ringside area and tells The Wyatt Family to back up. Bryan knees Kane in the side of the head. Orton sends Bryan into the pod. Bryan and Orton battle on the top rope. Bryan hangs Orton in the tree of woe and delivers a series of kicks. Bryan follows that up with dropkicks. Bryan suplexes Orton from the top rope and goes for the cover, but Orton kicks out at two. Bryan goes up top, but Orton hits the ropes and Bryan falls. Orton plants Bryan with a DDT. Orton goes for the RKO, but Bryan counters with the knee. Bryan goes for the cover, but Kane grabbed the referee and pulled him out of the ring. Bryan kicks Kane in the head and Orton hits the RKO. Orton goes for the cover, but Bryan kicks out at two. Bryan rolls up Orton, but Orton kicks out at two. Kane clocks Bryan with a right hand and Orton hits the RKO and gets the pin fall as Daniel Bryan has been eliminated.
Winner and still WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Randy Orton.

Elimination Chamber comes to a close with Orton posing at the top of the entrance ramp and with Bryan shaking his head at Orton in the ring.

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12 Responses

  1. Mimura says:

    indian deathlock/northern lights suplex spot by Bryan was awesome.

  2. Andrew Davis says:

    Awesome ppv! Hope people realize, Daniel Bryan does NOT need to be in the last match at WM to be in a WM main event

  3. Ahmad says:

    Guess I’m not watching WrestleMania this year, Triple H needs to go somewhere far away and die

  4. Sinister ki says:


  5. Sigh3:16 says:

    So obvious at the end would Kane just f**k off.

    Wrestlemania 30:

    Hulk Hogan of recent TNA fame hosts…..
    Batista Vs Randy Orton
    WWE WHC Match
    Daniel Bryan Vs HHH & Kane in a Buried Alive match.

    To hell with that. Wow. Such utter crap.

  6. Sigh3:16 says:

    WWE Fails another PPV pay-off.

    I feel sorry for people that actually had to pay for it. Batista Vs Orton just wow. Its 2014 ffs.

  7. Sigh3:16 says:

    Way to Kill WM30s buy rate

  8. Andrew Davis says:

    What is the problem with Daniel Bryan not main eventing WM? How many years did it take some of the greats? HBK 7, Bret Hart 10, Taker 7, The Rock 4, Triple H 5, Benoit 4, Angle 4, Orton 7. So why is it not okay for it to take another year meaning 5 for Daniel Bryan to main event?

  9. Sigh3:16 says:

    2014 WWE:

    CM Punk leaves out of frustration.
    New/Old Age Outlaws are Tag Champs
    Hogan is hosting Wrestlemania after being MR TNA for 4 years.
    Batista Vs Orton is the Main Event at Wrestlemania 30.
    Batista is over 40 years old, older than The Rock.
    The most over guy has been champion twice for very short reigns.
    Randy Orton despite having 0% fan reaction continues to get pushed.
    Batista despite having 0% reaction as a face WWE is still trying to push him as one.

    Option 1: Watch Until Raw after Mania then stop watching.

    Option 2: Keep watching but despise WWEs continued flaws. And just watch Botchamania mock the idiocy.

    Option 3: enjoy the rare matches like Shield Vs Wyatts and just stop watching obvious screwjob main events.

  10. Union Titus says:

    Option 4: go see a psychiatrist and learn to appreciate a good show.

  11. Andrew Davis says:

    @SIgh: Yeah b/c Daniel Bryan’s 4 month World Title reign in 2012 was very short!

  12. Sigh3:16 says:

    It was a bad show. 1 great match the rest was pityful.

    Also 2012 WHC reigns dont really count for much it was just the smackdown belt then. Plus he got 18 seconds in his WM match?

    Yeah great reign…..

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