ROH #HonorCon Coverage: Q&A Panels

Feb 23, 2014 - by staff

It’s time for the Q&A panel, and our first group consists of Adam Cole, Michael Bennett, Maria Kanellis, Steve Corino, Bobby Fish, and Kyle O’Reilly. Larry Legend is in the audience fielding questions, & he asks that the fans keep it family friendly.

The first question is from a ten year old kid wearing a CM Punk shirt who asks Michael Bennett to fight him tonight. Bennett asks him to repeat himself, so the kid says he wants to fight him in an Extreme Rules match. Bennett says the only way he’ll fight him is if he takes that stupid shirt off & replaces it with the Michael Bennett shirt a fan down the aisle from him is wearing. The kid takes his shirt off & puts on the Bennett shirt, & Bennett starts to take his shirt off, but then says he’s busy tonight & sits down.

Someone asks Maria Kanellis what she likes about Mike Bennett, & she says they have fun & talk about politics. Bennett says everyone seems to have something to say to him, so this is his chance to tell them how they suck.

A guy in the front row asks if Adam Cole thinks he’ll ever make it to WWE, & Cole says Ring of Honor is the best wrestling company in the world & he’s very happy here.

The next person asks Cole how it felt to win the ROH World Title, and Cole says it validated that he’s the best wrestler on the planet, and it makes it worth doing what he does.

Another question for Cole: why is Kyle O’Reilly the better half of Future Shock? Cole says that Kyle is a fantastic athlete & everyone knows that. He & Fish are one of the best teams in the history of this company, but don’t get it twisted: he’ll never be Adam Cole.

The next guy asks the entire panel to pick a dream opponent & a dream tag team partner. Adam Cole says the answer to both questions is Shawn Michaels because he’s the greatest ever, and he has no doubt that either teaming with or facing him would be his dream. Maria’s dream opponent is Lita, but she fails to name a dream partner. Bennett asks the fans who they think he’d like to fight, and the fans obviously chant CM Punk, but Bennett says he’d love to face Santino Marella, and his dream partner is Adam Cole. Kyle O’Reilly says his dream opponent would be Bret Hart, but he’s already got his dream tag team partner. Fish says reDRagon aren’t one of the best teams in ROH, they are THE best team in ROH history, the best team in the world, and he wants to publicly tell O’Reilly that every day of this union has been a dream, and his dream opponent…CHEESEBURGER, YOU’RE GOING TO GET IT! Corino’s dream opponent would be the Undertaker, basically to get the Wrestlemania payday, and his dream partner would be Adam Cole because he sees everything he was at 24 in Cole, except Cole’s good looking, he dresses great, he’s good looking, and he wants Cole as his dream partner…except for maybe Matt Hardy.

This panel is done and head to the back, and Larry Legend informs us that AJ Styles will be facing Michael Elgin later on tonight, & he’ll also be signing autographs before the taping tonight begins. Also, they’ll have a huge announcement at the conclusion of this Q&A.

Larry introduces the next panel of Kevin Kelly, Kevin Steen, Michael Elgin, Jay & Mark Briscoe, and Jay Lethal.

The first question is to the entire panel, & is who the best unsung young talents are who haven’t gotten a shot yet. Kevin puts over Hanson and Raymond Rowe, I didn’t catch who Elgin said, Jay Briscoe says Cheeseburger, Kevin Steen says Jake Manning is grossly underrated and more people should recognize his talent, Mark Briscoe also goes with Cheeseburger, and Lethal says there’s too many people to name, so he says the entire PWG locker room.

The next question is who the most overrated wrestler they can think of is, and Mark Briscoe says himself, Jay Lethal says Cheeseburger, Kevin Steen doesn’t have an answer because he doesn’t want to sit there and crap on people, Jay Briscoe agrees and names Mark Briscoe, Michael Elgin stops to think about it for a moment and says Mark Briscoe, and Kevin Kelly says he has never singled anyone out and then says it’s Mark Briscoe as well.

The next fan wants to ask Kevin Steen what his favorite match in ROH was, and Steen says the Last Man Standing match with El Generico, & 1 of his matches  against Nigel McGuinness.

Kevin Steen is asked for crazy John Zandig stories, and Steen says he doesn’t know how crazy any of his stories are, but Zandig is both the craziest and most charming promoter he’s ever worked for, and it was fun & frustrating to work for him at the same time.

Someone asks the Briscoes for good ways to man up, & Jay says not to lose to Roderick Strong at arm wrestling. I didn’t catch what Mark said.

Kevin Steen is asked about El Generico’s success in NXT, & Steen says he doesn’t know what he’s talking about because Generico isn’t in NXT.

The panel is asked who they would bring into ROH if they could bring 1 wrestler from any time period. Mark Briscoe says the Iron Sheik, Lethal says hands down it’s the Macho Man, Steen says Super Dragon, Jay Briscoe wants Zeus to come in, Elgin wants Shawn Michaels, & Kevin Kelly agrees on Shawn Michaels because he’s 1 of the greatest of all time.

Last questions is for the Briscoes, & they want to know who their favorite opponents of all time are as a tag team. Jay says it’s Steen & Generico, & Mark Briscoe says Steen & Generico, & also the Rock N Roll Express, who they got to wrestle last year.

The kid who challenged Mike Bennett to the fight gets one bonus chance to ask a question, and he asks Steen what his favorite Rocky movie is. Steen (who is wearing a Rocky shirt) says the standard answer is probably Rocky IV, but he’s going to have to go with Rocky II.


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