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More Details on Why WWE Was Upset with TMZ Over Hulk Hogan Return Story on Friday

– We noted earlier that WWE was unhappy with the TMZ story that came out on Friday about Hulk Hogan returning and visiting the WWE Performance Center.

Word is that WWE wanted to make a big deal about Hogan coming back this Monday, just hours before the big RAW from Green Bay. When the report came out from TMZ, WWE felt they needed to do it themselves so they issued the press release.

A lot of people in the company still can’t understand why Hogan’s return wasn’t announced on last week’s RAW.

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  1. art123guy says:

    WWE didn’t advertise Hogan because they are super confident in the product they are turning out. This explains why they don’t change anything and, in the fan’s eyes, the product is stale.

  2. deathedge says:

    I thought it was strange how the Hogan return was announced. It seems like one of those things WWE would keep as a surprise.

    Still, now we know the Hulkster is either opening RAW or closing it out… Great.

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