CWE 5th Anniversary “Masterpiece Theatre Tour” Results

Feb 23, 2014 - by Steve Gerweck


2/23- CWE 5th Anniversary “Masterpiece Theatre Tour” Results.

Canadian Wrestling’s Elite has wrapped up five shows in five days apart of its fifth anniversary celebration with top independent stars from across North America and headlined by former WWE superstar “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters. Here is what what down,

Wednesday, Feb 19th (Neepawa, MB)

1) “The Mahikan Son” Jess Youngblood made short work of CANNIBAL.

2) SIGMON beat “First All Star” Brian Rich by submission.

3) M.A.N. defeated the team of “Hotshot” Danny Duggan & “Big Sexy Beast” AJ Sanchez in a No Count Outs, No Disqualifications Match.

4) “The Gift” Jason Kincaid & CAM!!KAZE went to a 15 minute time limit draw. The match was restarted with five minutes on the clock and Jason Kincaid secured the pin for the victory.

5) Heavy Metal defeated “The Rebel” Bobby Collins.

6) “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters won his match against Kevy Chevy by submission.

Thursday, Feb 20th (Morden, MB)

1) “Hotshot” Danny Duggan pinned SYKO.

2) Heavy Metal defeated “First All Star” Brian Rich.

3) Sydney Manson upset “The Mastermind” Kevin Cannon.

4) “The Gift” Jason Kincaid beat CWE Tag Team Champion Tommy Lee Curtis.

5) “Big Sexy Beast” AJ Sanchez pinned SIGMON.

6) Jethro Hawg pinned “The Rebel” Bobby Collins.

7) “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters defeated CAM!!KAZE by submission.

8) “The Mahikan Son” Jess Youngblood & Billy Blaze beat M.A.N. in a No Countouts, No Disqualifications Match.

Friday, Feb 21st (Winnipeg, MB)

1) “Big Sexy Beast” AJ Sanchez defeated “Hotshot” Danny Duggan by pinfall.

2) Stefan Epic w/”The Coach” Kelly Russell pinned “The Rebel” Bobby Collins.

3) SIGMON beat “Super Friend” JJ Sanchez by submission.

4) In a 4-way elimination match for the CWE Tag Team Championships M.A.N. and Jess Youngblood & Billy Blaze were first eliminated by double count out and then the Saints of Los Angeles retained their championships when The Sons Of Anarchy were disqualified.

5) CWE TV Champion “A-List” Anderson Tyson Moore retained his title in his match against “Prime Cut” Jon Cutler

6) “The Zombie Hunter” MENTALLO pinned “The Gift” Jason Kincaid.

7) CAM!!KAZE won a 6-way one fall to a finish match to become the number one contender to the CWE TV Championship in a match that also included “The Blue Eyed Idol” Tyler Colton, “The German Juggernaut” Moses Luke, Kevy Chevy, CANNIBAL, and “The First All Star” Brian Rich.

8) Dick Blood w/”The Rebel” Bobby Collins pinned “The Rabid Dog” Rob Stardom w/”The Mastermind” Kevin Cannon to earn 5 minutes with Kevin Cannon.

9) “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters beat “Beautiful” Bobby Jay by submission.

10) Heavy Metal defeated CWE Champion “The Pissed Off Pitbull” Robby Royce in Last Man Standing to become the new CWE Champion.

Saturday, February 22nd (Selkirk, MB)

1) CAM!!KAZE pinned “The Rabid Dog” Rob Stardom w/”The Mastermind” Kevin Cannon

2) CWE TV Champion “A-List” Anderson Tyson Moore beat “Super Friend” JJ Sanchez to retain his championship.

3) “The Mahikan Son” Jess Youngblood defeated SIGMON by count out.

4) “The Gift” Jason Kincaid defeated “First All Star” Brian Rich.

5) “The Zombie Hunter” MENTALLO pinned Blake Broadway.

6) “Hotshot” Danny Duggan defeated CWE Champion Heavy Metal by disqualification after outside interference.

7) “The Rebel” Bobby Collins w/”The Mastermind” Kevin Cannon defeated “Super Friend” Kory Kinkade by submission.

8) “Bring The Pain” Matt Fairlane pinned “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters.

Sunday, February 23rd (Beausejour, MB)

1) “First All Star” Brian Rich upset “The Rebel” Bobby Collins w/”The Mastermind” Kevin Cannon

2) CWE Champion Heavy Metal retained against Billy Blaze.

3) “The Mahikan Son” Jess Youngblood & “Big” Cliff Corleone was ruled a no contest.

4) SIGMON & Stefan Epic w/”The Coach” Kelly Russell defeated the team of “Big Sexy Beast” AJ Sanchez & CAM!!KAZE.

5) “Hotshot” Danny Duggan pinned “The German Juggernaut” Moses Luke w/Ava

6) “The Gift” Jason Kincaid pinned CWE Tag Team Champion “Murder City Saint” Nate Hardy.

7) “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters submitted “Super Friend” JJ Sanchez.

Canadian Wrestling’s Elite returns to Winnipeg with a special event at Rookie’s Sports Bar on Friday, March 21st and then with the “Last Action Hero Tour” throughout Manitoba May 6th-11th with Ring Of Honor superstar Chris Hero!

Stay posted to for developing news.

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