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Another Possible Title Match Being Added to Tonight’s WWE Elimination Chamber Pay-Per-View

– There’s been talk of adding another match to tonight’s WWE Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, possibly a Divas match.

One possibility is Cameron vs. AJ Lee for the Divas Title. Shortly before Friday night’s SmackDown, WWE posted the following “#IAMWITH” graphics on AJ and Cameron’s Facebook pages. The images were deleted after the SmackDown broadcast.

AJ Cameron

For what it’s worth, Natalya noted on Twitter that she was training and preparing for Elimination Chamber.

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  1. deathedge says:

    Cameron is a semi-logical replacement for Naomi… Thank goodness this match will be short though… I’m a little scared they’ll have Cameron win though…

    When did Natayla tweet about training for EC? It wouldn’t shock me if WWE had her penciled in but decided to change their mind.

  2. borkline says:

    dont know why natalya is not champion she has the best skills of all the woman there??

  3. deathedge says:


    It made sense to put the Divas title on AJ, as she was the most over diva by far when they did… Arguably she still is. She’s also pretty solid in the ring (though some smarks make her out to be the best female wrestler in the company all because she knows how to do an octupus hold) so I don’t have much of a problem with her as champ. I do have issues with how little she defends her belt (on TV, don’t know about house shows and whatever) and the fact that Natayla isn’t the main “Total Diva” challenging her.

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