This Day In Wrestling History- February 21st

Feb 21, 2014 - by staff


2000 – The Monday Night War continued: WWF Monday Night Raw defeated WCW Monday Nitro: 5.9 to 2.8 in the ratings

2005 – Chris Masters makes his WWE television debut defeating Stevie Richards, during the match Masters attempted the Polish Hammer, & broke Richards’ orbital bone

2011 – The WWE announced on Monday Night Raw that Jim Duggan would be part of the class of 2011 of the WWE Hall of Fame


In 1993, WCW SuperBrawl III was held at the Asheville Civic Center, in Asheville, North Carolina:

– The Hollywood Blondes (Brian Pillman & Steve Austin) defeated Erik Watts & Marcus Bagwell
– Too Cold Scorpio defeated Chris Benoit
– Davey Boy Smith defeated Bill Irwin (this was Smith’s WCW debut)
– Cactus Jack defeated Paul Orndorff in a Falls Count Anywhere Match
– The Rock n Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson) defeated The Heavenly Bodies (Tom Prichard & Stan Lane) by DQ (The Heavenly Bodies retain the SMW Tag Team Titles)
– Dustin Rhodes defeated Maxx Payne via DQ to retain the WCW United States Title
– Barry Windham defeated The Great Muta to win the NWA World Title
– Big Van Vader defeated Sting in a White Castle Of Fear Strap Match

In 1999, WCW SuperBrawl IX was held at the Oakland Arena, in Oakland, California:

– Booker T defeated Disco Inferno
– Chris Jericho (with Ralphus) defeated Perry Saturn via count out
– Billy Kidman defeated Chavo Guerrero Jr to retain the WCW Cruiserweight Title
– Barry Windham & Curt Hennig defeated Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko to win the vacant WCW World Tag Team Titles
– The Outsiders (Kevin Nash & Scott Hall) (with Miss Elizabeth & Lex Luger) defeated Konnan & Rey Misterio Jr in a Hair vs Mask Match, forcing Misterio to unmask
– Scott Steiner defeated Diamond Dallas Page to retain the WCW Television Title
– Scott Hall defeated Roddy Piper to win the WCW United States Title
– Goldberg defeated Bam Bam Bigelow
– Hollywood Hogan defeated Ric Flair to retain the WCW World Title

In 2010, the 1st WWE Elimination Chamber was held  at the Scottrade Center, in St Louis, Missouri. This PPV replaced No Way Out after it’s 11-year run, though interestingly, the No Way Out name was retained in Germany:

Dark Match:
– Christian defeated Ezekiel Jackson
– John Cena defeated Sheamus, Triple H, Randy Orton, Ted DiBiase & Kofi Kingston in an Elimination Chamber Match to win the WWE Title
– Batista defeated John Cena to win the WWE Title (Vince McMahon forced Cena to defend immediately after the Chamber match)
– Drew McIntyre defeated Kane to retain the WWE Intercontinental Title
– Team Lay-Cool (Michelle McCool & Layla) defeated Maryse & Gail Kim
– The Miz (with The Big Show) defeated MVP (with Mark Henry) to retain the WWE United States Title
– Chris Jericho defeated The Undertaker, John Morrison, R-Truth, CM Punk (with Luke Gallows & Serena), & Rey Mysterio in an Elimination Chamber Match to win the World Heavyweight Title

In 2011, WWE held its 2/21 Monday Night Raw live from the Save Mart Center, in Fresno, Ca. WWE had been airing vignettes for weeks promoting someone was coming on 2/21, & tonight we finally find out who it is. (I was there live in attendance for this show):

– We open with the 2/21 on the screen with a count down to 1 hour from now
– John Cena is out & he cuts a promo in response to The Rock last week
– The 2/21 clock continues to tick away as we head to commercial
– CM Punk defeated John Morrison. After the match Punk cuts a promo on Randy Orton, & Orton runs out to attack Punk, until The Nexus eventually makes the save
– The 2/21 clock is still ticking
– Alberto Del Rio (with Ricardo Rodriguez) makes his entrance for his match, but Kofi Kingston attacks from behind. Del Rio & Rodriguez leave Kofi laying & head to the back
– We see the clock ticking down to 2/21 as we head to commercial
– WWE Champion The Miz (with Alex Riley) are on the stage & cut a promo about the Rock & John Cena
– We get an email from the Raw GM, & he says back in the day, The Rock & Sock Connection was a formidable tag team, so tonight the WWE Tag Champions The Corre will defend the titles against The Miz & his WM 27 opponent John Cena
– The Bella Twins (Nikki & Brie) defeated WWE Diva’s Champion Eve Torres & Gail Kim
– The 2/21 clock finally hits zero & we see the house, the door opens & It’s the Undertaker. Johnny Cash’s “Ain’t No Grave” plays & Taker suddenly appears on the stage lit by a spotlight. The lights go back out, we hear the gong, & Taker makes his way to the ring. To 1 of the loudest pops I have ever heard. His logo is now hanging from the rafters in the ring. As Taker takes off his hat, Triple H’s music suddenly hits. And the legit 17,000 sell out (it was a true sell out) goes absolutely crazy. Taker got a huge pop, but Triple H’s pop was louder then any pop ever in the history of wrestling. Taker looks pissed as The Game makes his way to the ring. Triple H does his normal entrance never taking his eyes off Taker, & Taker is staring a hole right back thru him, again he is not happy. They eventually come face to face. Gradually one by one they look at at me, I mean the WM 27 logo which I am sitting directly under (LOL). Triple H points at the sign. Taker just snickers, puts his hat back on, & starts to leave. Out of no where he’s right back in HHH’s face & does the throat cut. Triple H responds with a crotch chop. & it’s on for WM 27! They just snear at each other as we go to commercial. This was a really great segment, especially glad to be there live for it in person. They didn’t need to say a single word to make that segment work, I thought they could have got physical, or at least teased it, even if only for the live crowd after TV went to commercial. But was a very fun segment still
– Mark Henry defeated Sheamus
– Backstage Daniel Bryan is chatting with Gail Kim when Sheamus walks up, & talks trash, setting up their feud for Wrestlemania 27
– We get a video package announcing “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan for the 2011 class of the WWE Hall of Fame
– We got an in ring interview between Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler. Cole keeps trying to egg Lawler on, asking him how it felt to lose the title match last night to The Miz at Elimination Chamber? Cole finally crossed the line when he asks if while he was being pinned last night if he was looking up past the ceiling to heaven where his mother (Whom had recently passed away) was, that she had the best seat to watch her son get beat. Lawler grabs Cole by the shirt collar, & tells Cole if he ever mentions his mother again, it’ll be the last thing Cole ever says. Lawler challenges Cole for a match at Wrestlemania 27 in Atlanta. This will be Lawler’s 1st ever WM match
– WWE Champion The Miz & John Cena defeated WWE Tag Team Champions The Corre (Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater) to win the tag team titles
– After the match Wade Barrett takes the mic & says the former tag champions are cashing in their automatic rematch clause right now. The Raw GM sent an email, & Josh Matthews reads it, & the rematch is going to happen now.
– The Corre (Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater) defeated WWE Tag Team Champions John Cena & The Miz to win the titles back, Cena had Slater up on his shoulders for the Attitude Adjustment when Barrett distracted the referee, & Miz grabbed Cena from behind & hit the Skull Crushing Finale, allowing Gabriel to pin Cena

Title Changes

1928 – Ed ‘Strangler’ Lewis defeated Joe Stecher to win the World Heavyweight Title

1965 – Karl Kox defeated Bull Curry to win the Texas Brass Knuckles Title

1966 – Tony Parisi & Johnny Valentine defeated Dan & Dr Bill Miller to win the WWWF United States Tag Team Titles

1967 – The Von Erichs (Waldo & Fritz) defeated The Internationals (Al Costello & Kurt Von Brauner) to win the WCCW American Tag Team Titles

1997 – Latin Lover wins the AAA Rey de Reyes Tournament, defeating Heavy Metal, Hector Garza & Octagon



Happy birthday to current WWE wrestler Brodus Clay (34), one-time WWE Intercontinental Champion Carlito (35), one-time Mexican Light Heavyweight Champion Dos Caras (63), former UK regular Harry Mills (26), former NXT Tag Team Champion Oliver Grey (27), one-time TNA Tag Team Champion Crimson (29), & Chikara regular Sugar Dunkerton (30)

Also, today would have been the birthday of one-time WWF Women’s Champion Rhonda ‘Bertha Faye’ Sing (53)

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