Column: Why Roman Reigns is about to become my new favorite wrestler

Feb 20, 2014 - by Steve Gerweck

by Josh Givens

I remember how genuinely excited I was to watch wrestling during the “Summer of Punk.” I’m a sucker for a taste of something real in a “fake” universe. I also remember watching with bated breath, waiting and waiting for Dolph Ziggler to cash in his “Money in the Bank” briefcase. When he finally did I let out a scream I’m sure the neighbors heard.

You see the older I get the more I rely on “feeling.” I get it in my gut, I feel it deep down. I felt that genuine excitement with Punk and felt it again with Ziggler. I’m starting to get that feeling once again.

I’ll admit I was anxiously waiting a few years ago for the arrival of Dean Ambrose. I read about him on the internet, and watched him work in FCW with CM Punk. I knew he could cut an awesome promo and knew he had the in-ring skills to go along with it.

So when he finally showed up at Survivor Series with two other wrestlers I’d only ever heard about, I was excited, but also slightly let down. As these three men lifted Ryback over their heads and power bombed him through the announcers table, it felt like a King was born.

Since that night almost a year and a half ago Roman Reigns has been groomed to take over. He has the “look” that WWE wants. He has the pedigree and he has the ability. He moves graciously as a big man, and never looks lost. He already seems to command respect. He grabs my attention: when he comes into the ring I stop what I’m doing. He brings with him the Superman Punch; a move that I would normally think is lame, and makes it looks awesome. He even takes a move like the Spear, which has been done over and over, and in a way has recreated it. Beyond all his natural ability he has me in his corner, and before long he is going to have you.

Don’t tell me that at Royal Rumble after we all knew that Daniel Bryan wasn’t coming, that you weren’t just a little bit rooting for Roman Reigns.

Now that Punk is seemingly gone. Now that Ziggler has been pushed to the bottom of the ladder I’ve got to have someone to replace them. So I’m starting to get that “feeling” again. That feeling like something exciting is coming. I’m getting that feeling in my gut that Roman Reigns just might be the one.

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