2/20 Impact Wrestling Recap

Feb 20, 2014 - by Steve Gerweck

by Larry Csonka

They opened with a “In Memory of Nelson Frazier Jr.” graphic.

They run a really good video package for Gunner, who gets to cash in his shot at the world title tonight.

Magnus speaks with Dixie backstage, and wants to know if she talked to “him” and if he agreed to the deal. They had some banter about trusting each other, and then said if she goes down, she goes down alone. Magnus and EC3 made nice, and agreed that they have to put their issues aside, because the whole thing can come crashing down if they don’t work together.

Magnus and Dixie make their way out to the ring. Magnus says that he wants MVP to come out to the ring so that they can make an announcement. MVP makes his way out to the ring, and Magnus says he needs to explain a few things. Magnus introduces himself as the world champion, and says that he is not impressed with others that spend 9 years in jail, and if they ever get into the ring together, 9 years in prison will seem like nothing after 9 minutes with the champion. Magnus then says if MVP steps out of line, he will make an example of him. MVP says that he knows Magnus is the champion, because he never misses a chance to let the people know. MVP also says he has self esteem issues, and says a real champion doesn’t have to do that, because the people can recognize a real champion. But now MVP wants the answer about Lethal Lockdown for control of wrestling operations. Magnus announces that Dixie Carter accepts the challenge. Magnus then adds that Magnus cannot be in the match as team captain, because he will be defending his title against Samoa Joe, because he will defeat Gunner tonight. MVP cuts him off and says Magnus shouldn’t look past Gunner. Magnus doesn’t care about war heroes or cheap 50 Cent knockoffs, he will make MVP his, they tease saying bitch, and then Magnus drops “BEOTCH” on him. BRAWL TIME. MVP lays the boots to Magnus in the corner, and EC3 hits the ring and they beat down MVP. Spud in the back as security holding back the Wolves, but they fight their way through. Gunner now makes his way out to save MVP and clears out Magnus and EC3. MVP begs them to come back as the Wolves sneak up behind them and Magnus runs away, allowing the Wolves to take care of EC3 by kicking him one time. THAT’LL SHOW HIM!

We get a video package showing the history between Dixie Carter and Bobby Roode.

Bobby Roode arrives, and says if he has anything to say, he will say it in front of the world.

EC3 is pissed because Magnus threw him to the Wolves. Magnus says he did what was best, for himself and for EC3 and his aunt D. EC3 storms off promising to have his back, using a completely sarcastic tone.

Samoa Joe is in the ring, and says at Lockdown he gets the winner of Magnus and Gunner. So that leaves his dance card empty for tonight. He did not come here to watch a title match; he came to Manchester to get into a fight. Any residents of Dixieland want to walk to the ring, bring it boys. DJ Zema Ion and the BroMans answer the challenge. Joe does not look impressed. They all get into the ring, and Joe asks which one will it be and says how about all of them!

Handicap Match: Samoa Joe vs. DJ Zema Ion and the BroMans (Jessie and Robbie)

Joe runs wild early, just beating all three men down. Ion battles back, to the corner and Ion off with the cross body, Joe just walks away allowing him to crash and burn. Robbie and Jessie cut him off, and beat him down in the corner. Dropkick by Jessie, Robbie off the ropes with an elbow drop and then the moonsault by Ion and a cover for 2. Joe tries to fire back with rights and chops, but cut off again. To the corner, clothesline by Jessie, shoulder block by Robbie and then tripe team knees gets a 2 count on Joe. The BroMans hold Joe, Ion off the top and Joe pulls them into a dropkick from Ion. DDT/Russian leg sweep combo to the BroMans. ELBOW SUICIDA to the tag champs on the floor! Back in with Ion, chops in the corner, sets him up top, Ion tries for a tornado DDT, but he escapes and hits the STJOE. MUSCLE BUSTAAAAAAA on Ion connects! Clutch time, and Ion taps.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Samoa Joe via submission @ 4:00

Christy Hemme gets her mic pack from a stagehand, who makes small talk with her. She leaves and Samuel Shaw appears and chokes out the guy and slams him into a garage door. He then grabs her old mic pack and fondles it.

Next week Kurt Angle gets inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame.

Bobby Roode meets with James Storm in the back, and says they got into the business for the same reasons. But there are times when the business slaps you in the face, and he is going through a lot right now. Since day one, he felt as if he couldn’t trust anyone, and he felt as if he pushed everyone away and he was alone. It is too much for him, and he and Storm have a hell of a history, both good and bad. But the fact is the bad was on him, it was his fault. He cannot change that, but the good stuff, the Beer Money stuff, that stuff you cannot create that all the time, it was special. What they did together was special. He knows that at the end of the day, Storm was the only one he could trust. Storm asks if he has been drinking. If Roode is about to do what he thinks he is about to do, don’t. They worked hard to get where they are, and sometimes you have to slap it back. This is a dog eat dog business, and the only people responsible for their actions is them, and no one else. Roode and Storm share a hug, and Roode thanks him and leaves.

MVP is in the back and Austin Aries appears. Aries gets comfy and MVP wants an anchor for his team at Lockdown. Aries wants to know what is in it for him, and MVP says he wants to make change. Aries says he has been promised a lot and it always hasn’t been right to him. MVP says he gives his word if he takes control, he will make positive changes. Aries says that he will give it serious thought and will let him know.

We get a video package on the UK tour. Gail Kim and Madison Rayne had a backstage brawl during the tour, and we get footage, which leads to our next match.

Non-Title Street Fight Match: Madison Rayne © vs. Gail Kim w/Tapa

Rayne charges up the ramp and attacks Kim with a cookie sheet, and we’re underway. Into the ring they go and Rayne with clotheslines. High kick follows, and then a basement dropkick and a cover gets 2. Rayne wedges a big cookie sheet in the corner, tries to slam Kim into it, counters and Kim takes her down and lays in the boots. Kim with the kendo stick and chokes out Rayne. Kim poses, and then clotheslines Rayne with the stick. Looks for a figure four, but gets kicked into the cookie sheet. Boot to the head sends Kim to the floor. Tapa is pissed and looks meanly at Rayne, who then goes to the apron and looks to dive onto Kim, but Tapa catches her. Rayne kicks Kim as she turns it into a hanging guillotine, but Tapa then slams her to the apron. Kim recovers and lock in the ring post figure four. She releases the hold, grabs a chair and misses the leg of Rayne and hits the post. Rayne then kicks the chair into her face. Back into the ring they go, Rayne then hits a spear, Tapa in the ring now and Rayne attacks her with the cookie sheet. Kendo stick shots follow, Tapa gets pissed and Rayne has the chair but Kim hits her from behind with the title belt and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Gail Kim via pin @ 4:00

Tapa carries Kim to the back. Kim’s nose was bleeding.

A short video package, with Gunner discussing his time in the Marines airs.

Ken Anderson shows off pics of his kids to Christy Hemme. Samuel Shaw sees this and is not happy.

We get another video package on Gunner, this time discussing always wanting to be a pro wrestler ad his choice to join the Marines. These are good video packages, and are helping to make the main event feel important.

Gunner warms up backstage and James Storm appears to have a talk with him.

Bobby Roode heads to the ring.

We see footage of EC3 attacking Kurt Angle. Angle returns next week to get inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame.

EC3 is backstage and is asked about taking out Kurt Angle. He says you cannot take away anything Angle has done in his career, and out of respect for him, he will allow Angle to “break the news” next week at his Hall of Fame induction.

Storm and Gunner discuss Gunner’s match tonight. Storm says that everything changes when you win the title; all of the hard work is worth it. Gunner says he has always wanted this; this is for everyone that believed in him. Storm then says that is what he likes, the fact that Gunner is still humble. Storm says he does need to think about himself, no matter how it goes tonight. All of his emotions will come out if he wins that title, this is his moment and he needs to live it for him. Gunner then gives Storm the tag title shot briefcase, noting that it is his now and then says after he wins the world title, they will challenge for the tag titles.

Bobby Roode now makes his way to the ring. Roode says for 11 years he has called Impact Wrestling his home, and as small children we all have dreams to be something big, to do something with our lives. For 17 years, he has proudly lived his dream as a pro wrestler. To put on the boots, hit the ring and perform for great fans like the ones here tonight, that is what he got to do. But there are things in his career he is not proud of. If you thought he was ruthless out in the ring, he was worse backstage. He ended friendships and ruined alliances. He cannot change the past, but can change the future. And that is why he is here tonight. Tonight is his last night as a pro wrestler. He just cannot do it anymore. He has been looking at himself and only seeing hate, he hates himself. For the last few weeks he has had to go Dixie and put up with her crap and he cannot take it anymore, he has to walk away, he’s sorry. But before he goes, he wants to do something he has never done in his career; he wants to thank each and every one of the fans. Thank you.

As Roode goes to leave, Dixie Carter appears. She says Roode doesn’t get to decide when he leaves, because he has a contract. She will decide when he can leave. Roode says he cannot do this anymore, he can’t do it anymore, he is done. Jeff Hardy, Sting, AJ Styles; she didn’t want them because all they did was cause her problems. But for Roode, she needs him and TNA needs him. Roode asks for what, to break more promises and to protect Magnus. She says she is sorry, she has been dealing with so much stuff with MVP. Roode says it is not his issue, he doesn’t want to be here anymore or work for her anymore. She asks what he will do if not wrestle, and then says at Lockdown, they have the most important match in her career. The operations of TNA Business is on the line, and he needs a captain for her team, and needs someone who wants it as badly as she does, and she wants him to captain her team. Roode brings up all of the broken promises, and asks why he should trust her. Carter says he needs to have an interest in winning the match, and she will give him 10% ownership of TNA if they win to show how important it is to her. He asks why he should believe her, and she says to have his lawyers to draw up the contracts, and she will sign it no questions asked. She agrees, and says this is what Roode always wanted and has worked for. Roode says they have a deal, and they shake on it. Roode then adds if she thinks she will screw him over, he will dedicate the ref of his life to destroying hers. Lets get Miss Brooks to draw up those contracts.

Jeremy Borash is with Bad Bones, who won the Online Gutcheck to be here. As he cuts his interview, Samuel Shaw attacks Anderson and knocks Hemme down in the process. He carries her off, and no one helps her out.

Kaz and Daniels are with Roode, and says they will be in the perfect position, and they offer their services for Lockdown. Roode says the match will change the game for all of them and needs the best team, and can’t just pick friends. He tells them to go and prove themselves tonight.

Bad Influence (Daniels and Kazarian) vs. The Wolves (Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards)

Kaz and Edwards to begin, lots of counters and they stand off. Richards distracts Edwards, allowing Kaz to attack from behind. Tag to Daniels, off the ropes and a shoulder block to Edwards. Daniels with a shot to Richards, takes advantage for a while but Edwards tags in and the Wolves take control with some double team moves. Kaz in to help, but he fails and gets tossed to the floor. Richards slams down Daniels, heads up top, Kaz cuts him off, allowing Daniels to attack from behind and send him to the floor. Kaz slams Richards to the apron, and then tosses him back in so that Daniels can lay the boots to him. Tag to Kaz, clothesline by Daniels, who then hip tosses Kaz onto Richards and he covers for 2. Kaz works a front facelock, Richards fights to his feet and elbows his way out. Off the ropes and a spinkick by Kaz takes him down and he covers for 2. Tag back to Daniels, ride down stomp off the ropes by Daniels and a cover for 2. He takes Richards down off the apron, which distracts the ref and allows Bad Influence to double team Richards behind the refs back. Richards battles back, tosses Kaz into Daniels and then lays out Kaz with a kick to the head. Hot tag to Edwards, elbows to Kaz and Daniels. Tosses Kaz to the floor, chops to Daniels in the corner rapid fire style. Daniels back with a boot, to the ropes and Edwards kicks him off and then hits the running backpack stunner for 2 as Kaz makes the save. Richards tosses Kaz, hits the urnagae on Edwards. BME MISSES, but Daniels to his feet, off the ropes, toss up kick by the Wolves. Richards kicks Kaz’s face off as Edwards hits the double stomp off the top rope to Daniels. Richards up to now, HUGE double stomp onto Daniels and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: The Wolves via pin @ 6:00

Samuel Shaw revives Christy Hemme and she asks where Anderson is. Shaw says it is ok and starts to massage her shoulders and tells her it is all ok. He then notices the camera and goes to stop them/kill them.

We get a wacky Willow promo.

We then get a Magnus video package, where he discusses being the World Champion.

Next week on Impact, MVP faces Bobby Roode in a captain vs. captain match.

Borash does the super special ring announcing for the title match.

TNA World Title NO DQ & NO COUNTOUT Match: Magnus © vs. Gunner

They note that the match is now under “Magnus rules,” which is no DQ and no countout. Magnus to the floor early to stall, back in and they lock up. Gunner with the go behind, but Magnus works the arm. Reversal by Gunner, into the wristlock. Magnus rolls out, counters and into the hammerlock. Into the side headlock, off the ropes and Magnus stops that and drags Gunner to a knee. Gunner tries to belly to back suplex, but Magnus holds onto the headlock and keeps control. Magnus uses the hair to maintain control of Gunner, and Gunner again tries the suplex but Magnus counters and maintains the hold. Gunner again to his feet, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Magnus. Off the ropes again, back elbow by Gunner. To the corner, reversal and a back elbow again by Gunner. A whip to the corner by Gunner, big boot by Magnus and a clothesline sends Gunner to the floor. Magnus calls out the troops from the back, but the Wolves and James Storm make their way out to make sure that doesn’t happen…

~commercial time~

Back from commercial as Gunner gets a suplex on Magnus. Magnus hits a basement dropkick and then applies the camel clutch. Gunner fights out and picks up Magnus on his back and slams him to the corner. Magnus then looks for and gets the sleeper to slow down Gunner once again. Storm cheers on Gunner from ringside, and then hits a belly to back suplex and breaks the hold, and now BOTH men are down. They trade rights center ring, Gunner with rapid fire shots, off the ropes but Magnus cuts him off with a knee to the gut. Michinoku driver by Magnus, who then heads up top. The big elbow drop CONNECTS and Magnus covers, 1…2…NO! Magnus to the floor and grabs the title belt, slides back into the ring and Gunner gets to his feet. Magnus MISSES and Gunner picks him up, Magnus escapes by raking the eyes, off the ropes and they collide as both look for the cross body block. EC3 and the BroMans hit the ring, and brawl with Storm and the Wolves. They brawl up the ramp and Magnus and Gunner are alone in the ring. POWERBOMB by Gunner! He heads up top and looks for the flying head butt. HE CONNECTS! 1…2…but Spud appears and puts Magnus’ leg on the ropes before 3. Gunner is pissed and chases after Spud, but that allows Magnus to level Gunner with the title belt, and a cover gets 2! Gunner is alive! Storm is back, chases Spud away and looks to keep this even. Gunner no sells Magnus slamming him to the corner, head butts the corner himself and fires up! Rights to Magnus follows, double axe handle shots also connect. Corner knee strike connects, and then the slingshot suplex! SHADES OF TULLY! Gunner sets, uranage to Magnus. He heads up top again for the big head butt. Spud in and Storm takes care of him by tossing him over the top to the floor.

Gunner takes flight from the top rope… AND JAMES STORM SUPERKICKS HIS FACE OFF!

Storm looks down on Gunner, and Magnus crawls over and makes the cover and retains the title.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Magnus via pin @ 16:00

Magnus look shocked, but celebrates the title victory.

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