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Another Top WWE Superstar’s Contract Expiring Soon, Why Rey Wasn’t Booked for San Diego

– Rey Mysterio’s contract is the next major WWE deal to expire, in about two months or so. Rey has one of the highest downsides but is also one of the biggest merchandise movers for the company.

Usually at this point WWE officials would be aggressively trying to get Rey to sign a new deal but that has not really been the case.

Speaking of Mysterio, the reason he was booked on Northern California shows last weekend instead of his hometown San Diego is because officials felt he’s been booked too often in San Diego. San Diego ended up drawing the worst crowd of last week.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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6 Responses

  1. T says:

    Just sign him to a Legends contract and still push his merchandise.

  2. ducky says:

    rey rey needs to retired

  3. MC Live says:

    He’s booked TOO OFTEN in his home town? How is that even a thing? That’s soooo stupid. Does he sell too many tickets in San Diego? Does he sell to many shirts there? What the hell goes through the minds of these people?

  4. What? says:

    I’m still a fan of Mysterio, but he’s past his prime – he can still perform, but the injuries are piling up – and the best thing would probably be for him to decide on his own to hang it up while he’s not too far past his peak. On the other hand, WWE just proved you can’t book someone too much in their hometown. WWE…so right and so wrong at the same time.

  5. Jack Kelly says:

    Rey is knackered! He’s just a jobber! Give him the USA title for abit! Give him one last push

  6. Meh says:

    Oscar (Mysterio) should retire and signed to a Legends contract.

    Mysterio (Oscar Gutierrez) could work as a manager and a trainer.

    Also, WWE should hire Oscar’s real life cousin, El Hijo de Rey Misterio to replace Mysterio with Oscar Gutierrez teaching his cousin the WWE style. That way Oscar can retire from the ring and the Mysterio legacy can live on in the WWE while WWE continue to sell the Mysterio masks.

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