2/19 WWE NXT Recap

Feb 19, 2014 - by staff

February 19, 2014
LIVE! From Full Sail University

by Emerson “Is it the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning?” Witner

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Here’s what you need to know about NXT:

-The NXT Champion is Bo Dallas. He defeated Big E. Langston on June 13 after teasing a heel turn on May 16. Bo’s character has evolved into this delusional guy who thinks the fans love him when they hate him almost as much as people hate Cena.

-His #1 Contender is Adrian Neville, who will get his title shot on the live NXT show on the WWE Network on 2/27 after surviving 4:45 with the champion on 1/22.

-They also have Tag Team Champions, Konnor and Viktor, better known as The Ascension. They won the belts on October 3, defeating Adrian Neville and Corey Graves

-Paige is the first ever Woman’s Champion. She captured the belt on July 25 defeating Emma in the finals of a grueling tournament, which was not held in Rio De Janero.

-John “Bradshaw” Layfield is the Interim General Manager of the show, replacing Dusty Rhodes who Triple H fired in a power trip.

-The announce team is constantly rotating with some combination of Byron Saxton, William Regal, Brad Maddox, Alex Riley, Tensai, Renee Young and Tom Phillips

And that’s everything you need to know about NXT. (Now we know!) (And knowing is half the battle) (G.I. Joe!)

-Before we begin this is your weekly reminder that over on WrestleCrap.com I go into the way back machine and discover legendary moments in 140 characters or less for Epic Tweets In Wrestling History.

-Also, me and my friend Lauren return for our second annual Bad Movie Month, which starts March 1. You can go to BadMoviesMonth.tumblr.com to re-read all of last years reviews and see the schedule for this year. It starts with Santa Claus Conquers The Martians and ends with a Double Special Double Review of Birdemic II.

-Before I begin I want to extend my condolences out to the friends and family of Viscera/Mabel/Big Daddy V. I usually enjoyed his work, whether he was a dancing geek, an evil dude or Sexual Chocolate 2.0. Take care, man. I am still waiting for my friend Frank to text me to remind me that the only time he ever stumped me in trivia was when I said Viscera’s real name was Nelson Knight, which was his name during his very brief stay in TNA.

It is the end of an era…kind of. This is the last Wednesday night NXT, as next week the show will move to Thursday nights, first at 8:00 pm for the live show, and then at 9:00, head to head with Impact, in the future. You know I can’t remember the last time I reviewed the live NXT. It used to air on WWE.com Tuesday nights live at 10:00 pm, but they moved it at some point in 2011 to Wednesday’s.

The NXT Arrival kickoff show airs at 7:30 on the Network with Kevin Nash, Bret Hart and Paul Heyman, of all people, as the guest panelists.

1.) NXT Tag Team Champions The Ascension defeated Casey Marion and Mike Leboska

Casey Marion and Mike Leboska are the names of the jobbers. Ascension are at 140 days as champions. It helps that they have had no challenging teams. They have wrestled Hunico and Camacho and a lot of jobber teams.

For some reason the fans were really into Konnor and the champs won quickly with The Fall of Man to Marion.

-The announcers mentioned that Ascension will be part of NXT Arrival.

-Tyler Breeze has entered the building. He’s 10 minutes late.

2.) Emma (w/Bayley) beat Summer Rae (w/Sasha Banks and Charlotte)

In 8 nights Emma will finally get her shot at Paige and the Women’s Title. Paige hasn’t defended the title since November. I guess the 30 day rule isn’t in effect. Tensai is doing the Emma dance at the booth.

It has been one year since Summer became a wrestler. She used to be the ring announcer and then got pissed because Paige bumped into her and then she became Fandango’s dancer, a WWE Diva and will be on Total Diva’s next season.

We had an epic moment in commentary as Tensai lost his train of thought while talking about all of Emma’s wins and we had five full seconds of “Ahhhhhhhhh”

We go to the break with Summer slapping on a full body scissors and come back with a full nelson with the body scissors. Summer broke it for no reason and continued dancing around the ring before Emma kicked her in the face.

Emma got the Dil-Emma, Emma Sandwich and polished off her foe with the Emma Lock.

-Devin is asking Tyler Breeze about his match with Adrian Neville tonight. Tyler can’t get over that that ugo may become the face of NXT if he wins the title next week. Don’t worry, Tyler, Bo will win.

-Elimination Chamber is LIVE on pay per view this Sunday…unless you have Dish Network. If you have the Dish Network, well UFC 170 is Saturday and TNA Lockdown is sometime in March.

-We have a sit down interview with Antonio Cesaro and Sami Zayn, being hosted by Renee Young. The stipulations are that Sami attacks Cesaro, he will never get an NXT Title shot, while if Cesaro attacks Sami, then he will be taken out of the Elimination Chamber.

Cesaro kept cutting off Sami, every time Renee asked Zayn a question, almost in an effort to make Sami attack him.

Sami cut a very good go-home promo saying that his career cannot continue unless he wins next week.

And that was it.

-Emma is dancing backstage and she gets stopped by a cameraman asking about her match next week. She has a few things to say to Paige and will do so next week? Wait…are there two episodes of NXT next week? Or is she going to talk to Paige before their match?

3.) Adrian Neville pinned Tyler Breeze

Main Event time! Can Adrian Neville be softened up by Prince Pretty before his title match with the longest reigning NXT Champion of the last 25 years.

Neville backed Breeze into the corner and then back flipped into the opposite corner. Little did Neville realize, until it was too late, but Breeze followed up and finished with a dropkick.

Breeze had the advantage briefly until Neville dumped him outside and took him down with a giant flip dive to the outside.

Neville held Breeze up in Piledriver position for several seconds, before lifting him all the way up for a sit out power bomb. Breeze tried to catch Neville with a dropkick off of a springboard What A Maneuver, but mistimed it horribly, so Breeze just threw a super kick instead.

Breeze missed the Beauty Shot, so Neville with 2 Inzigiri’s before finishing off Breeze with the Red Arrow.

-After the match Neville grabbed the mic, but he was quickly interrupted by our champion! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the champ is here! Bo Dallas, at Day 252 of the longest title reign in the last 25 years.

Bo said it’s impressive how far Adrian has made it since coming to NXT and it is huge that he will now be challenging Bo for the NXT Championship.

The fans started chanting for CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, so they turned the crowd down.

Bo said he doesn’t hate Adrian, Adrian said Bo is scared of him. He’s scared because on February 27 he is going to lose the title to Neville.

Adrian said he will give Bo one punch right now and then Neville will knock him out. The champion took his coat off….turned around and walked away. In eight days the former tag team champions will collide.

We go off the air wondering if Bo Dallas is scared of Adrian Neville.

Well that is it for this week. To answer my previous question…I have no idea if there is a normal episode next Wednesday, but keep your eyes out on Wednesday night/Thursday morning for a report. If not, I will be back next Thursday night for NXT Arrival!

Until then, remember to say your vitamins and take your prayers!

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