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Elimination Chamber: By The Numbers

The venerable Royal Rumble Match may hold a special place in the hearts of WWE statisticians around the world, but it’d be a travesty to neglect the number-crunching fun of what is perhaps WWE’s most perilous match type, the Elimination Chamber.

In the more than 10 years since the Elimination Chamber’s birth, 16 matches have been fought under the structure’s inescapable caged roof, 46 Superstars have dared entry, and only 10 can say they were the last man standing.

But beyond those top-level observations lies a galaxy of facts, stats and tidbits that may very well inform the strategies (and prayers) of all Superstars who venture into the Chamber.

Join us as we examine six eye-opening quantitative qualities that make the Elimination Chamber a very unique battleground within WWE’s expansive framework.

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  1. Saxon says:

    They missed one:
    At the Elimination Chamber PPV, the title has only changed hands once inside the structure.

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