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Scott Hall Responds to WWE Hall of Fame Speculation, Says He Wouldn’t Pass Popularity Contest

– As noted, Scott Hall added to speculation that WWE may be inducting him into the Hall of Fame this year by pointing out that he, The Ultimate Warrior, Jake Roberts and Lita all received “verified” Twitter markings at the same time. Hall responded to fans asking about WWE inducting him on Twitter:

“Merely an observation of the state of @verified accounts on @twitter. Nothing more…”

“ATTENTION: I’ve made no commitments to appear in New Orleans at this time. I’m a businessman and am welcoming offers. Thanks #BadGuy”

“Not sure I’d pass the popularity contest with the suits in Stamford, CT who make the decision…”

“Sorry…it’s news to me. Not sure I’m popular enough in Stamford, CT”

“Not sure I’d pass the popularity contest in Stamford…#BROTHER”

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3 Responses

  1. Kerry Standifur says:

    Aren’t he and Triple H buddies? That in itself should pass any ‘popularity contest’.

  2. bill says:

    i doubt they’re still buddies. They probably havent seen each other in years. Hall is boys with Nash and Waltman.

  3. Deathedge says:

    I remember an episode of RAW 2 or 3 years where Hunter was listing off Kliq members names and talking about how they were his best pals and he didn’t mention Hall. It does seem likely Hunter wouldn’t want to associate with Hall, given the two VERY different routes they’re lives have taken them.

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