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Photo posted on social media of last night’s crowd at TNA house show in Texas

Vito Thomaselli posted on Twitter:

Hey @TNADixie, why bother?

Click here for a report on Saturday’s TNA show in Texas.

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  1. Jumping Junior says:

    For all the people WHO actually want to be there dumbo?

    A more proper criticism is simply run in smaller venues, not act like the show itself isn’t of any value, that’s just childish. Vito should have grown up by now, i expect better criticism instead of just throwing out lame insults over twitter. That’s almost as pathetic as one can get, epecially when it spits in the face of the same industry you are in.

    Perhaps if nothing else this is one thing i can say Dixie Carter does better than Vito Thomaselli. (Although i’d imagine there’s not much others)

  2. I have no doubt Tna crowds are small. I am under the impression that the people sending in this crowd pictures is taking the shots like as doors open or soon after. Just my opinion

  3. r says:

    Cut your losses and shut it down…wada joke ive seen more people at a house party!!

  4. Lockhart says:

    A true fan of the sport would want as many promotions running as possible. Offer some solutions or ideas, instead of just dumping on everything. Open up your minds

  5. Science.Violence says:

    @Lockhart, exactly but these mindless marks are borderline psychotic with their obsession for TNA going under.

  6. gw says:

    TNA is in a period where they need to rebuild the brand. They should be running smaller venues for their house shows. This pic could be once the doors opened…we don’t know, unless we attended. Now the pic would be more convincing if it were during a match. I don’t want to see TNA go under, as I have been watching since the beginning. At the same time, I do not enjoy the current product like I used to. They need to take certain steps to be considered somewhat decent competition/alternative to WWE.

  7. Scott II says:

    Again, this isn’t some podunk town… hell Austin is a college town.. hell, even if you don’t consider that aspect, Austin has about 2 million people the metro area!!! This shows you how little people think of TNA sadly. Too bad Dixie and gang can’t just worry about cutting checks while they let wrestling people run things.

  8. ironFNmaiden says:

    I was always taught not to become “too big for my britches”….which I feel TNA needs to learn. I don’t want them to go under, but book smaller venues until you NEED these big places.

    I remember when they held the Lockdown ppv here in Cincinnati a few years ago I was amazed at how easily I could see all of the empty seats….that isn’t a shot at them, but I was thinking that they should have booked it for one of our smaller venues (The Gardens for example, or a local college arena).

  9. Scott Grady says:

    I went to a Charleston, SC show they did the Friday before Destination X where Aries won the TNA Title. That picture is pretty much what they drew here and Charleston isn’t seen as a “podunk town.” So, while Vito’s comment may seem snarky, there is a valid question about why they’re trying to run larger venues while drawing smaller crowds.

  10. Daniel says:

    Yeah thats obviously a picture of probably a few minutes after the doors open…there attendance numbers are dismal, but not THAT bad. TNA sucks, they really, really, really, REALLLLLLLY SUCK! But still, the picture above, was most likely taken a few minutes after the doors opened.

  11. Sting says:

    Sadly a ton of casual fans don’t even know what TNA is

  12. Really? says:


    exactly. I’ve seen other pictures that showed quite a few more people than this with a cage set up. It still was far from an impressive crowd, but that picture is misleading and from before everyone was seated.

  13. Drew is a potato says:

    Jumping Junior sounds butthurt

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