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Feb 16, 2014 - by Steve Gerweck



Most independent wrestlers aspire to be in WWE. With the perceived edict by WWE that “they are not looking for indie wrestlers” these days might discourage some people.

Don’t let it.

I haven’t read or heard any declaration by WWE that they have excluded looking at any and all independent performers. No doubt they would prefer to teach someone from scratch with no bad habits but if they see an exceptional talent on the independent scene that has potential, I believe they will sign them. It would be ridiculous to limit where you find talent. One thing we always understood when I was coaching developmental was you never knew who might be a break out star.

CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Stone Cold Steve Austin are three guys who were looked at as “mid card at best” when they first arrived in WWE. While Punk and Bryan gained a reputation on the indies, Austin had the opportunity to work various promotions including USWA, ECW and WCW before becoming a major break out star defining the Attitude Era…

There are countless names that were never pegged as top guys for one reason or another. But they came in, got over in the ring and understood how to maneuver and manipulate their way into featured attractions… Chris Jericho is a talented performer who was NEVER supposed to be a main eventer, much less a Unified World Champion by defeating two of the biggest stars ever and yet he accomplished that and so much more…

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