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Colt Cabana asked if CM Punk will return to WWE

From The Interrobang

DB: CM Punk is a close friend of yours. What’s the deal – do you think he’ll be back in WWE?

Colt Cabana: My stance is I think he’s dead. I haven’t heard from him.

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  1. Alex says:

    lol at Colt XD

  2. LOL says:


  3. dave says:


    lol Colt is hilarious, he should do stand-up…

    I still think all this is a massive work, Punk will end up in the Authority at Mania, ala SCSA’s turn at Mania X7 and if I’m wrong, I’m wrong… still, this is the biggest story of 2014 so far and Mania just seems a long way away…could be a long year for WWE fans. At least until Sting and Taker kicks off.

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