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Jim Ross Blog: The New Cesaro, Kurt Angle’s Health, WWE Hall of Fame, MVP a Game Changer?

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is back with a new blog on As always, you can purchase JR’s BBQ products on Here are some highlights from this entry:

– Rumor mills are working OT regarding as to who will be the next inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame. I think that it’s cool that the HOF induction ceremony will air live, as I understand it, on the WWE Network. Hopefully the live audience will mind their manners and not feel compelled to display their defiance and disrupt the show for any reason. Cheering and classy displays of support are awesome however wise ass, look-at-me chants aren’t.

– Solid, Smackdown match Friday night featuring Cesaro vs. Orton. Amazing what a new pairing with do as it relates to in ring performance and viewer perception. The 6 man tag featuring the Shield vs. Bryan, Sheamus and Christian was strong as well.

If Cesaro can’t be put into a position, either as a fan favorite or a villain, to be an impactful talent in WWE, it will be a real, head scratcher. I see Cesaro as a fan favorite moving forward. If not, how well could Cesaro do associated with Heyman after Lesnar takes his leave again?

The business continues to evolve in so many different ways such as who would have thought that the ‘Giant Swing’ would become such a fan favorite maneuver? What’s old is new again in so many ways within the wrestling business that it gives me hope that many of the tried and true fundamentals of the biz might some day return. (I’m still holding out for the occasional 2X3 Falls match and a time limit draw here and there.)

– I’m hearing that Kurt Angle did NOT have ACL surgery and only had a clean up ‘scope procedure. I’d love to see Kurt get healthy in all phases of the veteran wrestler’s life and finish his storied career in WWE. I also don’t think that Angle should be wrestling that much these days and if he is utilized strategically then his matches will have much more validity and interest. In my view, Kurt is a future WWE Hall of Famer and will, in a perfect world, have one, last, great match at a future WrestleMania. By planning ahead, this could theoretically be facilitated for WM31.

– Been asked if MVP is a game changer for TNA? I don’t know that answer but a company generally isn’t “fixed” with the addition of one individual. I’m a MVP fan and hope that he significantly helps the brand. However, most of TNA’s issues are merely one’s that have been over thought as it relates to the presentation on TV. Long term planning solves many TV Wrestling issues.

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6 Responses

  1. Really? says:

    “Long term planning solves many TV Wrestling issues. ”

    That may have sounded like a nice little shot, but one of the worst things about the Aces and Eights was not veering away from the long term planning when it wasn’t working out.

  2. Ian says:

    @Really? I agree and disagree with you. I think they had a very loose long term plan but they didnt have the short term plans planned out and that helped lead to the demise. It started out really strong and Knox/DOC should have won the tag belts at some point.

    I think the reveal of Bully Ray as the leader was less than spectacular and could have been done way better. I think they should have had him fight off A&8 for a bit and then ‘accidentally’ deliver the 3D to Hardy with Devon and than act like he was just acting out of pure instinct before actually turning instead of them just coming in and throwing him the hammer.

  3. Paul Andrew says:

    Since when was Antonio Cesaro ever with Paul Heyman?

  4. @Paul Andrew – You misread something there.

  5. Paul Andrew says:

    @Kyle Christie: Misread? It’s taken verbatim from JR’s blog: “I see Cesaro as a fan favorite moving forward. If not, how well could Cesaro do associated with Heyman after Lesnar takes his leave again?”

    First of all, if Cesaro does turn baby face, he wouldn’t be associated with any of the heel managers. Second, Cesaro is associated with Zeb Colter. What does anything have to do with Paul Heyman or Brock Lesnar? The only way what JR said would make sense is if Heyman and Lesnar turn baby face along with Cesaro and Cesaro leaves Zeb Colter for Heyman’s camp. Otherwise, JR’s reasoning is flawed. Prove me wrong.

  6. cesar says:

    JR is clear there, if cesaro doesnt turn face, he could do good associating with heyman AFTER lesnar leaves, he doesnt says he’s already associated with heyman, but yeah cesaro is already with zeb, jr forgot him 😀

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