Review of Timeline WCW 1993 with Big Van Vader‏

Feb 14, 2014 - by staff

by Alan Wojcik

“This is a highly entertaining and a deeply informative into the last year of WCW before the Hollywood Hogan takeover.”

The TIMELINE series covered 1993 in WWE with Lex Luger and his magical Lex Express. KAYFABE COMMENTARIES has also been chronicling the NWA/World Championship Wrestling and who better to sit in the chair next to SEAN OLIVER to cover 1993 than the man who was the WCW World Heavyweight champion for the entire year, BIG VAN VADER!

Vader AKA Leon White had just regained the WCW World championship defeating Ron Simmons at a Baltimore house show on December 30. The title was regained since Simmons had defeated him that August. He would hold the championship until he lost it to “Nature Boy” Ric Flair at Starrcade 1993 with a short title switch in the United Kingdom to Sting in the middle. Got that, good! Over the two hour plus program Sean and Mr. White cover several highlights of 1993 including:

World title defenses against Ron Simmons, Sting, Cactus Jack and others, the arrivals in WCW of “British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith, “Mean” Gene Okerlund, the return of Ric Flair, the Nasty Boys, the Road Warriors and Sid Vicious from WWF, ring announcer Michael Buffer, Harlem Heat, Fred Ottman as the ShockMaster. The exits in WCW of VP Bill Watts, Paul Heyman, Jim Ross, Kevin Nash (then Vinnie Vegas)& major news issues like the Arn Anderson/Sid Vicious stabbing incident and how he saved Sid’s life, Watts’ exit leading to the return of Ole Anderson as booker and Eric Bischoff moving into an executive role, Vader hitting a moonsault on PPV, the NWA World championship being in WCW at the same time as Vader was champion, Vader’s ear being cut by accident in a match with Sting, Vader’s memories of a short term tag team with “Stunning” Steve Austin, shoot fighting in Japan in UWFI, the danger of filming months of TV in advance at the Disney/MGM Studios and much more.

Mr. White goes into wonderful detail on his working relationship with his TV manager the legendary Harley Race, his feud with Cactus Jack plus his lack of political power during his title run. Also brought up were the horrific mini-movies used to promote Sting/Vader and then Sting/Bulldog vs. Vader/Vicious PPV matches, meeting Reid Flair weeks before he died and who else was offered the Big Van Vader character before NJPW offered it to White. I have interviewed Mr. White in the past and found this interview to be highly entertaining and a deeply informative look into the last year of WCW before the Hollywood Hogan takeover.

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