Notes on Mickie James, Serena Deeb, So Cal Val, Cheerleader Melissa, and more

Feb 14, 2014 - by Steve Gerweck

Serena Deeb

– Pro Wrestling Syndicate has announced that former WWE diva Serena Deeb (pictured above) vs. Mia Yim for 3/8 in Avenel, NJ, plus an appearance by So Cal Val.

– Mickie James has booked for IWF’s 1st Show on 3/29 at Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix, AZ.

– Remix Pro Wrestling has announced former TNA knockout and Shimmer champion Cheerleader Melissa vs. Athena vs. Sassy Stephie on 4/26.

– Steven ‘The Fever’ Walters and ‘The Southern Savior’ John Skyler have been announced for the 2014 ECWA 18th Annual Super 8 Tournament. ECWA had previously announced Matt Cross and ‘The Maple Leaf Machine’ Kao Storm for the tournament on 4/5. The announcement includes the following information on Skyler…

Skyler is a young fast rising star in the independent wrestling circuit. He’s made quite the name for himself in the south and south eastern parts of the country. At just 26 years old, he’s already put together an impressive resume making appearances in WWE, TNA, Full Impact Pro, and All Star Wrestling in the UK overseas. He’s even already taken part of in a NWA Future Legends tournament which makes him one of the only men announced so far with tournament experience pedigree. ECWA fans might remember him from an appearance in the 2012 Super 8 Battle Royal. Known for his brutality with extremely hard hits he’s quietly the most dangerous man so far in the tournament. Fans will want to watch out for his super kick which has already been talked about as the best and brutal to ever be in professional wrestling. What makes his announcement even more interesting is his on again, off again friendship with fellow Super 8 competitor Steven Walters. Is he coming to just ruin Walters chances at history or is he looking to cement himself as ‘The Southern Savior’ of wrestling and continue to build the an even bigger resume? Time will tell but he will bring no shortage of intensity to this tournament

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