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Photos: Rey Mysterio Possibly Injured at Tuesday’s WWE SmackDown Tapings

– Reader Curtis Miller sent word that Rey Mysterio apparently injured his knee in the Fatal 4 Way match with he, Jack Swagger, Kofi Kingston and Mark Henry that will air on Friday’s SmackDown.

During the match at Tuesday’s tapings in Ontario, California, Rey landed bad and quickly went out to the floor and laid down beside the steel steps. Rey pulled one of his pant legs up and removed the large knee brace that he wears, clearly in pain.

Rey 1

Rey 2

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5 Responses

  1. matt says:

    Poor guy can’t seem to catch a break lately. Hopefully he’s gonna be OK & this doesn’t put him out of action again, cuz I’ve heard he’s considering retirement soon & he might decide not to come back after another long hiatus. Say what you will, but you gotta have mad respect for Rey Mysterio & I hope his career doesn’t end on an injury.

  2. Alex says:

    As much as I love Rey, it’s time to retire…

  3. Lucha Libre Larry says:

    Yeah its time to retire he is too injury prone!

  4. Meh says:

    Another chairshot to the knee? His cousin is fighting luchadores.

    Maybe Mysterio (Oscar Gutierrez) could work as a manager and WWE could hire his Mysterio’s real life cousin, El Hijo de Rey Misterio to replace Mysterio with Oscar Gutierrez teaching his cousin the WWE style. That way Oscar can retire from the ring and the Mysterio legacy can live on in the WWE and WWE can continue to sell the Mysterio masks.

  5. Atlee Greene says:

    Poor Rey. He has bills to pay like everyone else but I wonder how many more times the WWE will let him take time off for injury before they cut all ties with him.

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