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More News on Vince Russo Possibly Working with TNA Again, No Answer Given to Wrestle-1

– Regarding talk of Vince Russo working with TNA again, it was noted recently that Russo was CC’d on some creative e-mails and may have been been doing some consulting work. Many staffers and wrestlers denied that Russo has had any involvement but word now is that he has been in contact with at least a few people within TNA.

People close to Russo note that he has been following the product again and they believe that is something he would never do under normal circumstances. The key to the story is that when a rep from Japan’s Wrestle-1 promotion asked a TNA official directly if Russo was involved or coming back, they did not get an answer. As noted, Wrestle-1 does not want a relationship with TNA if Russo is involved.

Russo’s name was discussed at last weekend’s TNA live events but only because the story was going around, nothing internal. Both Bully Ray and Abyss, who are pretty much office workers and talent, said to the wrestlers that if Russo is involved, they know nothing about it.

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  1. Deathedge says:

    Think about it: Joe is becoming a locker room leader backstage and recently stated him and Russo were on good terms. TNA is still struggling financially and are likely looking for someone to right the ship. TNA officials are ducking questions. It sure seems he has some hands in TNA’s pie. It would certainly explain why every show seems to have 2-3 matches with run-ins…

    He’s a scary thought… What if he’s a potential buyer?

  2. Mimura says:

    If they are working with Russo, then they are displaying the definition of insanity.
    They’re still doing Russo style booking anyways (without him) with constant swerves and no build up for anything.

  3. LOL says:

    Russo is just picking up the caboose of the dixie train yall yeeeehaW1!!!

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