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Goldust says he won’t wrestle his brother at Wrestlemania

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  1. Murphy says:

    Well that sucks

  2. Dragon says:

    No offence to either Rhodes brother but exactly what and how much spotlight did they think that match would get. Not that it couldn’t be a great match but at wrestlemania between the wwe title and undertaker match and then add on a cena match. Everything gets overlooked. So a 1v1 for no title sounds like pre show material.

  3. Drew says:

    Well, that does suck.

    WrestleMania will also suck.

  4. The Game says:

    If Goldust doesn’t wrestle Cody at WM then he will not wrestle at all at Mania. They’ll have no other match for him.

  5. Detective Dwindlerod says:

    Obviously, since Goldust will fight Taker this year.

    Goldy will break the streak….or maybe i got the sources wrong and Goldust is just going to do a streak at Wrestlemania….hmmm.

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