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Reports of Low TNA Attendance This Weekend, Video Interviews with Manik and James Storm

– WrestleDope recently spoke with James Storm, as seen in the video below:

– The Sports Courier recently spoke with TJ “Manik” Perkins:

– There were reportedly between 200 and 300 people in attendance for Friday’s TNA live event in Battle Creek, Michigan. Less than 400 fans attended Saturday’s show in DeKalb, Illinois. One fan reported hearing an arena employee calling the crowd embarrassing in DeKalb.

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5 Responses

  1. trevh says:

    get manik on our TV’s tna what are you thinking keeping him off tv

  2. LOL says:

    Dixie was super smart changing everything about TNA that made it unique yeeeeeeeeeehaw!!

  3. Sting says:

    Pretty sad TNA went from competing with WWE for #1 wrestling promotion to now #3 behind ROH. Time to shut her down Dixie Normous

  4. Deathedge says:

    200-300 people… Anyone who claims TNA is anything but a glorified indy promotion is now officially lying.

    It’s a shame, they could have been great… hell, they STILL COULD BE if anyone in management had a friggin’ clue!!

  5. DBRude says:

    There MUST best some more middle-aged, immobile performers they can hire to pull them out of this slump. What are Luke and Butch doing?

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