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JBL Confirms Story on Vince and Christian, Matt Hardy Challenges TMZ to Report Positive Story

- Matt Hardy is asking TMZ to pick up on a feel-good story involving him after they published his hotel arrest story last month. Hardy recently met a young fan named Cody Goodman, who is a CHARGE syndrome survivor, at an indie wrestling event. Here’s a photo of the two:

Matt and Cody

– Last summer we noted that former WWE writer Alex Greenfield told The Fight Network in an interview that at one point, Vince McMahon wanted to put a blue dot over Christian’s face because it bothered Vince. Greenfield said:

“Right before I started, there was a big show, I think it might have been in Toronto. Christian was just so completely over, and everybody thought he was going to get a push at, I think it was the World Heavyweight Championship at that point. We were on the plane one time shortly after I started, and Vince was just like “God damn, I just don’t like his face. His face really bothers me.” I was like, “He’s ugly, Vince?” “No, it’s not that he’s ugly, it’s just, I don’t know, it’s ratty! You know what we should do? That Kennedy gimmick.” And we’re all like, “What?” Some see-on of the Kennedy fortune I guess got arrested for rape in the 1990s at some point. When the woman who was accusing him was on the stand, all of the networks put a blue dot over her face. Vince was like, “God damn, you know what we should do? We should put a blue dot over his face whenever he comes out.” It was the flight to Sheffield, England, also the flight where the Spirit Squad idea was invented. This was a whole flight of bad ideas.”

Greenfield’s story was confirmed on last Monday night’s RAW when Christian came out and JBL mentioned putting a blue dot over his face.

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3 Responses

  1. This picture was taken at a shoe at my home Fed Ucw out of Kentucky. Mr Hardy was a class act from the minute he walked in the building till he left. He spent time with the young man and was genuine in doing it!!! Class act and Matt hardy go hand in hand

  2. DBRude says:

    Matt looks Mexican, and Vince sounds like a lunatic if he talks like that.

  3. miko says:

    You cant beat your wife and be a class act class and beating wife’s does not go hand in hand

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