2/9 WWE Live in Bakersfield, Ca. Report

Feb 10, 2014 - by staff

I was at this show live in person, was a fun show. Glad I hadn’t seen any results from the night before, as not to spoil the main event outcome for me. Had the pleasure of meeting Sheamus, Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Tamina Snuka, Kofi  Kingston, & Jey Uso earlier in the day.

Very decent crowd. I would estimate somewhere in the 4,000-5,000 range.

Not sure if they were confiscating Punk signs or not, but the people sitting next to me got their Punk sign in. Needless to say they are not fond of the rag sheets, & had no clue Punk had actually left the company. Very little Punk chants all night. Maybe 1 good 1 but died down after a few seconds.


Show started off with The Shield making their way to the ring. And Ambrose getting on the mic & saying CM Punk is not here tonight, we are aware that some fans might want a refund, if you are so inclined, you can do so by returning to the box office before the end of the 2nd match. Reigns & Rollins also belittled Punk, until Sheamus came out, & was beat down, out next was Kofi, who also got beat down, until finally Christian evened the odds, & The Shield bailed.

First match of the night was Dolph Ziggler against Damien Sandow. Great crowd response for Ziggler, Sandow got booed, & took the mic, & said he was not going to accept that response, & would go to the back & let us the fans redo it. When he did his entrance again, of course he was booed even more. Was a really fun match, Eventually Ziggler picked up the pin after the Zig Zag.

2nd match was Los Matadores & El Torito vs. 3MB in a 3 vs. 3 match. El Torito is so much fun to watch. Eventually Los Matadores picked up the win.

3rd match saw Natalya & Emma defeated AJ Lee & Tamina Snuka. When AJ tapped out to the Sharpshooter. The fans were able to vote on either a Dance off or a Divas Tag Team Match, And of course a tag team match won. Was a really fun match. A lot of goofiness by Emma, before, during & after the match. Natalya & Emma took turns dancing after the match, Worked the crowd after the match. Emma was having so much fun, eventually Natalya had to pick her up on her shoulders and carry her to the back.

4th match saw Dean Ambrose defend his US Title (Yes for all of those you that complain he never defends the belt, he actually defended it for once) against Kofi Kingston. Was cool before the match the security guard in our area came over, & said I see you like taking a lot of photos, just to let you know, 1 of the wrestlers will be coming down the next aisle over. He’s standing up in the concourse right now waiting. So I was able to go up and take a few pics of Dean waiting to make his entrance. Really solid match by both guys. Ambrose eventually won. After the match Reigns & Rollins came down & all 3 members beat down Kofi, til Sheamus & Christian made the save.

5th match saw Christian & Sheamus defeat Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins after Brogue Kicks to both members of the Shield. Really good match by all 4 members, Probably the match of the night. After the match, both Sheamus & Christian took their time signing autographs & posing for photos around the ring & up the aisle. Clearly trying to kill time. Leading into the 15 minute intermission.

6th match, back from intermission, Jey Uso defeated Erick Rowan (with Luke Harper). Kind of spooky how the lights went out and came back on almost immediately and the Wyatts were standing in the ring. Yeah we all know they were under the ring. But who knew they could get out from under there and into the ring that quick.

7th match was Big Show vs. Kane. Big Show came out to the very clear biggest pop of the night. Even Kane mentioned it on the mic, during his pre-match promo. The typical match you would expect out of these 2. Show eventually won with the KO punch, Very loud You Sold Out chants for Kane.

Main Event saw Bray Wyatt with (Luke Harper & Erick Rowan) defeated Daniel Bryan in a Steel Cage Match. Was shocked how Daniel Bryan didn’t get the ovation you would expect. Definitely the 2nd biggest pop of the night, but a distant 2nd to Big Show’s. Although not that surprising when you consider our crowds always buck the trend. No matter how badly Cena is hated elsewhere, he knows he can come here, and will get nothing but absolute love from the local crowd every time. The finish came when Harper slammed a chair against the cage to keep Daniel Bryan from climbing out on 1 side, so he then attempted to exit thru the door, & this saw Erick Rowan slammed the door into his head, leading to Bray Wyatt hitting Sister Abigale for the pin, Post match beat down by all 3 Wyatts on Daniel Bryan until Sheamus & Jey Uso made the save. & let the crowd in a YES chant to send the fans home happy. Funny to note, I actually got a really good Daniel Wyatt chant going at one point. My entire side of the arena really got into it. It was pretty funny.

Overall a very fun show. I was very pleased with it. Very glad we didn’t get the Cena/Orton main event (they headlined the show in Fresno tonight).

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