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Poll results: Would you miss Alberto Del Rio if he left WWE?

Would you miss Alberto Del Rio if he left WWE?

No (77%, 609 Votes)
Yes (23%, 182 Votes)

Total Voters: 791

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6 Responses

  1. art123guy says:

    With the crappy way WWE booked him, why would we?

  2. Robb says:

    You mean the guy that couldn’t get heat if he were on fire, or cheers if a topless Katy Perry escorted him to the ring? Oh yeah, Del Rio will be missed.

  3. Jeff Copeland says:

    jbl eddie guerrero rip off should go to roh were no one can watch since no one does watch

  4. LOL says:

    I’m enjoying his attempts at punking Batista!

  5. T says:

    He will be missed as if he leaves this means another of HHH friends will take Del Rio’s TV time

  6. Deathedge says:

    Personally, I think if he leaves he’ll go back to CMLL.

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