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WWE Network to Edit Over The Edge 1999, Stephanie Comments on Benoit & Owen Decision

– CBS Pittsburgh has published an article on WWE deciding to air the controversial Over The Edge 1999 pay-per-view on the WWE Network.

WWE issued the following statement on Friday:

“WWE Network will be airing the 1999 Over The Edge pay-per-view. However, portions of the event will be edited out of respect for Owen Hart.”

Before the Royal Rumble last month, CBS spoke with Stephanie McMahon about Over The Edge 1999 and she said they had not made a decision at that time. Stephanie did confirm that Chris Benoit matches will be on the Network.

In the video linked in the article above, Stephanie said:

“They are incredible challenging decisions to make. At the end of the day, we try to do what’s right for our fans and we try to give them exactly what they want to see.”

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10 Responses

  1. Me says:

    The fans want to see UN-EDITED video footage!
    The fans want to see, hence forth, lesser promiscuity – where the McMahon family excels to perfection! – and more decent pro-wrestling – this is the true incredibly challenging decision!

  2. Andrew Davis says:

    I will paying for it, and if Over The Edge is edited at all, I will be suing the WWE for fraud. They clearly stated, & have done so many times since the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT that everything will be unedited, uncensored, etc. Not a single thing involving Owen’s fall or them working on him aired on the actual ppv. So there is no reason at all to edit that ppv at all.

  3. Roscoe Jones says:

    Both of you should seriously consider throwing yourselves down a well for saying such stupid things. Trying to get a little heat on this wrestling site?

    Beat it.

  4. Kerry says:

    Roscoe, they’re both absolutely right. This is just another example of WWE doing the exact opposite of what the fans want.

  5. obie says:

    @andrewdavis so you want to see JR announcing owen harts death? how about you leave your address in the comments and you can have yours announced next week in your papers obituary.

  6. Steven Jackson says:

    The mere thought of watching that show sickens me, but knowing that it will be available on the WWE Network is repulsive. As I said before, you can make all the edits you like, but it doesn’t change the fact Owen died during the show.

  7. Parallax says:

    I never want to relive that PPV. Once was infinitely more than enough.

  8. Jake Allen says:

    There are atrocities that exist in the world, and hiding them or trying to forget they ever happened is never a good thing. If this service is all about “giving fans what they want,” then censoring anything that a fan is specifically looking for does the exact opposite. Personally, I have no interest in seeing Over the Edge, but knowing that it exists in an uncut format makes me comfortable in knowing that the world isn’t trying to erase what did happen in 1999 – if anything, it’s a slap to Owen’s face that what he died for is now being buried for the sake of keeping a positive profile for the WWE.

    He died, we have to learn from it, and we shouldn’t fret over it being censored/uncensored and who would want to watch such a thing because it’s a history that shouldn’t be forgotten. I mean, am I in a camp of being an older fan who remembers that week/month/year and all of the propaganda with Owen’s picture and the caption saying “never forget”?? I’ve never forgotten, it’s still painful to think about, but i know that ignoring it is a crime against humanity above all else.

  9. Deathedge says:

    The announcement did say that all the old PPVs would be uncut and uncensored, but honestly this is a case that I support editing footage. Having watched it back when I was a young tyke (it might of been my 1st PPV actually, but I’m not sure) my memory of the PPV is a bit cloudy. Why anyone would want to watch the uncut version is beyond me…

    …There is an OBVIOUS middle ground though. Have both the edited and unedited versions up. This way, people who want to relive this PPV (for whatever reason) can watch it and feel (slightly) more comfortable, and then those curious about the full thing can see for themselves…

  10. T says:

    Why have it? To see a lackluster PPV? To see that every match after his fall was pretty much just going through the motions?

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