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Possible TNA Lockdown Opponents for Muta & Sanada, Backstage Talk on Talents & Heel Turns

– As noted, as part of TNA’s partnership with Wrestle-1, The Great Muta and Seiya Sanada will be working the Lockdown pay-per-view on March 9th. They will likely be doing a tag team match against Kazarian and Daniels. Sanada will stick around for a few months in TNA while it’s expected more Wrestle-1 talents will be coming over to work for TNA.

– There has been even more talk this past week of new talents coming in and more talents leaving as their deals expire. Without revealing spoilers, TNA did a few heel turns on the recent UK tour to freshen things up and get some guys back in the spots that officials feel they are strongest in.

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  1. Really? says:

    Muta and Sanada vs. Bad Influence? Can I pre-pay for this anywhere?

  2. Deathedge says:

    Huh… I actually want to watch a TNA PPV now… Haven’t been able to say that in a while.

  3. ClashHollywood says:

    Muta didn’t do much in the ring at Wrestle Kingdom 8 this year. He’s also only working the big shows for Wrestle-1. Like the Undertaker he seems to be conserving his body since it appears he’s not got much left. I hate to say that but that’s what I’ve picked up from watching him wrestle recently. Getting to see him spit the mist at Wrestle Kingdom 8 was still awesome though and there’s a reason he started using the Shining Wizard!

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