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Report: Punk had been penciled in to headline Wrestlemania

The Wrestling Observer reports that WWE originally had Randy Orton vs. CM Punk slated for this year’s Wrestlemania, but was changed when the company was confident Punk would leave in July when his contract expired.

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  1. Really? says:

    Yes, it was clear they were building to that match.


  2. WOW says:

    There must be a decent reason to walk away from that.

  3. Alex says:

    The only thing I can actually read here is:

    *Before Batista accepted to come back*

    As if they would cancel his ME because they didn’t know if he would sign or not.

  4. John48221 says:

    That’s what they say now.

  5. Pierre says:

    Getting dropped from the headline spot at WrestleMania in favour of Boretista?? No wonder Punk left.

  6. obie says:

    @wow yeah because its been done time after time

  7. joe says:

    CM Punk is a mark

  8. Alex says:

    Well… I’m still hoping for a work.

    Punk returns at the chamber and interferes against Daniel Bryan.

    VLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM! Punk vs Bryan at WM 30.

    You heard it here first folks!

  9. Matt says:

    If this is true, it would give Punk’s “frustration” a bit more credit. Since in general he’s been a regular part of storylines and shows for a solid amount of time, him walking a way just because of that knowledge seemed stupid and childish.

    This scenario however would make one understand the situation a lot better.

  10. Chris Mac says:

    It was clear from day one that Punk was slated to face Orton at WrestleMania before Batista came through. Understandable to see him walk away when they didn’t have confidence in him staying if it’s true.

  11. LOL says:

    Either way the guy is set for life…and this situation will turn into quite the ‘pipebomb’ the next time Punk gets a live mic in a rasslin ring!

  12. Jeff Copeland says:

    well just proves cm is a diva

  13. AJ Cooper says:


    No, it proves that Trips is more willing to push his buddies than guys that are actually more popular. If you look at what has happened to Punk, Daniel, etc., that’s proof that Trips has ensured that he maintains a presence in Vince’s ear. You could say it all started back during the early days of the Kliq. In fact, you could say it’s stayed that way since the Kliq.

  14. Drew says:

    Punk/Orton at Mania was leaked months ago. Punk had been fighting The Shield, then the NAO turned on him, then Punk was supposed beat Kane at Elimination Chamber, and then finally get his revenge on The Authority by beating Orton at Mania. Instead, Batista came back and Punk was supposed to have his Mania match with HHH. I’ll bet that Punk was informed that HHH was going to win the match at Mania (which he does NOT deserve), and that is part of the reason Punk walked out.

  15. Scott Grady says:

    At the end of last year, the idea of Orton/Punk at Mania seemed to be a likely scenario. Punk had been feuding with the Shield. During the brawl after the go-home promo for TLC, Punk hit HHH. You had the start of something that could definitely lead to Punk challenging for the title.

    The question was Punk’s future. If there was doubt on whether or not he’d be reupping by or in July, keeping him in the Main Event at Mania would be a foolish thing especially if you put the title on him. So, coming up with another option was necessary. There’s no controversy in all of this. If WWE knew that Punk would be around past July, fans wouldn’t be signing petitions to get Obama to force WWE to put Daniel Bryan in the WM Main Event.

  16. Stonz says:

    I agree with Pierre and LOL.

  17. Jackson says:

    Scott Grady got it just right.

  18. Scott II says:

    Grady has it right. It was quite ballsy to give Punk a push the last time his contract was about up, as Vince usually buries a guy towards mid-card hell if you are lucky if your contract is about up, and you don’t show signs of resigning (want proof?!? King Sheamus). I wouldn’t have expected lightning to strike twice, and Vince would give Punk a major push towards the end of his contract.

  19. Jeff Copeland says:

    nope cm is a diva all ways was and has been

  20. DBK says:

    I totally agree with what Alex said!

  21. obie says:

    @scottII punk had a contract signed last time they pushed him ‘without a contract’. it was a kayfabe storyline.

  22. MiZery says:

    I agree that Batista’s lackluster return only to be handed a title shot at wrestlemania has to be what sent Punk over the edge… As much of a fan of his in ring work, he is a dick but his reaction is understandable.
    His storyline could have easily landed him in a triple threat main event at Mania and if written proper… He calls out Trips which leads to him versus Orton with a shot to be in the main event, he goes over (possibly with a bit of controversy) which sparks the “Summer of Punk” which would spike the ratings…
    But this is where I have a feeling Triple H’s mindset is… Punk has been very clear about this dissatisfaction. with the E, and he’s also known for his”Pipe Bombs”… So then he decides not to re-sign and then as soon as his contract is up, if not a little before he “drops” the biggest one of all and throws out the Title on live television and walks out… Leaving the company 10X more shaken up than it is at the current moment.
    Punk is set for life so all he has to do is sit back relax, take some bookings here and there while making bank from some mark ass promoters who.would want to promote the guy who tossed the E’s title, and then the dozen or so worthwhile promotions in the states… and lets not forget the cashflow from overseas… He wants to hold all the cards, so that when the time is right he can prove to Stephanie that she was right all along and Punk really is. ” The King of the Indies”

  23. Scott II says:

    Obie, he didn’t sign a contract until Money in the Bank that night.

  24. Scott Grady says:

    The problem with the notion that Punk got a push without a contract was that fact that Punk was already on his way out and the company was just going to let his contract ride out. However, after the buzz from the Las Vegas promo, he became a player that Vince knew he had to keep. If you watch his DVD, Punk acknowledges that he signed his new contract in the middle of MITB.

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