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Jim Ross shares his thoughts on the CM Punk situation

Jim Ross recently did a lengthy interview with Newsday and talked about the CM Punk situation:

“This whole locker room has a different feel to it, and a different — they’re not as edgy as the Attitude Era locker room. They’re not as competitive. I don’t know that they’re as hungry. But now, CM Punk is different. [Compared with] today’s corporate wrestler, CM Punk is a little bit of a rogue. And I don’t mean that in a negative way.”

“Over the last two of three years, he’s been my favorite WWE performer to watch in the ring, without question. He would’ve been a huge star in the Attitude Era, without question. Here’s the deal: He’s a very cerebral guy, who has an old-school spirit, that really cares about every aspect of the business. I think that he needed time off, ample time off, to recharge his batteries. I think he has, for lack of a better term, a major case of burnout. And I think the problem should have been recognized and addressed much earlier than letting it get to a head and him being so frustrated and such a sense of hopelessness that he decided to go home. Walking away from a problem is never a solution. Never. Solve the problem.”

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2 Responses

  1. T says:

    Did JR feel the same way when Austin did the same?

    How could Punk solve the problem when the problem is running the company?

  2. Stunning Steve says:

    “Corporate wrestler”. This is why the product feels stale and no new stars are being allowed. If you aren’t corporate enough and speak your mind, like Ziggler for example, you get put in your place. Stick to the script. That is what they want from the wrestlers and the fans.

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