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Another former world champion set to leave WWE?

It’s believed that former World Heavyweight champion Alberto Del Rio, 37, will be the next to WWE superstar to leave the company when his contract expires, as he’s talked about retiring sooner than later in interviews. At his age, it is believed he will no longer achieve a top spot in the company.


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  1. Tyler says:

    I know what you’re thinking but humor me…if stars like Punk & ADR go to TNA, there might be a chance TNA can compete.

  2. trypz says:

    Good riddance to Del Rio. Never liked him. Boring and bland in the ring and on the mic. Overrated.

  3. -KRKO- says:

    @Tyler – Agreed about Punk but I dont believe ADR is much of a draw currently for WWE so I dont think he’d make much difference if he went to TNA.

  4. TruthHurtsDonuts says:

    Del Rio is good in ring but his character is dead weight.

    No reaction most of the time. Heel or face.

  5. Joan B. in S. C. says:

    Tyler, they’ve had great stars, both former WWE and homegrown, but when your majority owner spends more time in the ring than the wrestlers do, it’s not going to work. Keep in mind, the company claims that wrestling matters.

  6. DBRude says:

    @ Joan B – I’m pretty sure they stopped using that slogan.

  7. Drew says:

    This is terrible. First Punk and now Del Rio? We are going to see way too much of Batista, Orton, Cena, and Sheamus. (Yes, even more than what already goes on.)

  8. Andrew Davis says:

    This 1 actually sucks. No one will ever miss Punk, but Del Rio/Dos Caras Jr. is a huge loss for the WWE. What a shame if true!

  9. Matt says:

    I still can’t stand how people misuse the term “homegrown” to make whatever point they want.

    And don’t kid ourselves, back in the earlier times wrestler’s jumping companies used to matter because the average wrestler wasn’t great. Nowadays that isn’t true, even if someone leaving one company is a “loss” there’s pretty much guaranteed to be multiple people just as capable with booking to make them replaceable.

    Hell even in recent history we’ve seen major departures from certain companies, it hasn’t stopped any of them from keeping the doors open, the company moves on because the talent pool in general today is just that good.

  10. YES! I can’t stand him.

  11. Scott II says:

    Del Rio is replaceable. Let him go.

  12. Jack Kelly says:

    ADR couldn’t have got a bigger pop than when he had RR announcing his entrance but on his own he sucks! Good ridence

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