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More proof that the CM Punk situation is not a work?

source: Bryan Alvarez @

For those who think it might be a work, I was told by someone who works with WWE in a merchandising capacity (outside the company, third-party) that they have been told that anything involving CM Punk should be changed to Randy Orton from this point forward.

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  1. Scott II says:

    I’ve said it already. I STILL don’t know whether to read this as one big work, or if it’s for real.

  2. mackdeezy says:

    That was Punk’s point. They just promote their golden boys and don’t take chances on the new breed.

  3. LOL says:

    Hey I was told its a work….its the internet you don’t need credible sources!

  4. Andrew Davis says:

    @LOL: And who on the internet told you it was a work?

  5. Jake Allen says:

    I don’t get what this means. So, if a CM Punk shirt is being sold to a customer at a live show, the merchandiser should swap it out for a Randy Orton one?

  6. T says:

    Jake – It means replace anything with Punk on it to Orton. If a 3rd Party had plans to make a CM Punk item they are being told to change it to Orton. Action figures, shirts, ice cream bars…etc

  7. Ryno says:

    aaaaannnndddd.. removed from bookmarks

  8. LOL says:

    @ Andrew I know a guy who knows a guy that knows someone related to someone that works in the WWE…true story!

  9. Jeff Copeland says:

    good hope his fat a@@ never returns

  10. Joe says:

    Does anyone else thing that this is all one big smokescreen to divert us from the idea that Sting might be joining the roster?

  11. Stonz says:

    Sting IS joining the roster. It’s not like they are going to send Sting to developmental lol.

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